Class Again??

The rest of the students started to shuffle off to their dorms and classes where ever they were supposed to be. Jinxy bumped him with her elbow " I'll have you know you burned down the only place I liked to hang out" she said with a grin. She wasn't mad at him any more. Thought part of her was still telling her getting involved with him was a bad idea.
Of course, once everyone was back inside, the rumor mill started. She missed that about high school back home, juicy bits of gossip, rumors, deciphering the truth from the made up. Perception always trumped reality. Stories of elementals gone rogue to some stoners lighting up a bong in the library were running rampant, each one wilder than the next. She relished them all, adding bits and pieces herself to pepper up whatever sounded dull.

She had a hard time concentrating when working with Elvira, Ed and April, channeling magic into a green bracelet. More than ever she wished she was a fire elemental, red, like the Detroit Red Wings. Green was the color of the Dallas Stars, traitorous bastards who used to play in Minnesota, before the franchise moved. Of course, Minnesota now has the Wild, they're jerseys are green, oh, and Hartford, the Whalers. She could probably say she was a Wild fan. Then again, Red was the color of the Red Fledgelings as well. Twice she near asked Elvira about them, but she thought the better of it. Maybe she'd crack a book later and take a read. For now, she mostly wanted to make sure her room didn't look like the set from Jumanji every time she fell asleep.

After Ed, April and Reagan were secretly warned to be careful and shooed away to class they heard all the gossip along the way. Reagan seemed to dwelling on something important (not really) so April and Ed didn't interrupt her as they headed to class. Of course class was boring as usual since the teacher refused to allow the kids to discuss the fire or the injured student. The Male teacher was stoic and insisted the students take lots of notes over his boring lecture on Vampyre History. Ed was one of the few who listened to the lecture and took proper notes. In reality he did not need the notes since had a photographic memory. The notes were for April who was sleeping behind her text book. April was weak to boring lectures and often fell asleep. Ed did his best to help her out since she would kick his butt if he didn't. As Ed noticed Reagan at her desk he wasn't sure if she was being serious about the lecture or if she was thinking about something else that was serious. As Ed was being a proper student April was dreaming about skateboarding outside. She was so into her dream she began to droll a bit on her desk while hidden behind her text book.


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