Options/Red eyes

Kat: So your master won't eat his veggies huh? And he prefers meat? I think I have a recipe that might work out. I updated my recipe book since the last time we talked. So how does Black Bean & Beef Meat Balls sound?

Kat smiled at Cleo as she pet her head gently.

Kat: The Black beans will be mashed into the meatball and its flavor will be masked by the beef and seasoning. Then we fry them up and leave the insides medium rare so its a bit red on the inside. Then we add a Beef Aju sauce with a hint of cow blood in it for flavor.

Cleo almost jumped with joy on her chubby little legs "That sounds great! I'm sure he'll like that". When Kat started cooking Cleo moved even closer, eager to see how she intented to create the dish. She watched closely as the food was prepared feeling confident that Theo would love this.


Ed smirked as Siljah was boldly joining them and dragging Theo along like a reluctant brother. April was shocked that Theo would even go this far as she turned her head back and forth between the coven and Theo to make sure she was seeing this happen in reality and not a dream. Reagan quietly ate her food as she was mildly entertained by this. Elvira gave a crooked smile as she saw Siljah taking charge and keeping Theo in check. She had to keep herself from cackling like a witch as she covered her mouth with her hand holding her fork.

Theo felt completly humiliated and knew that Ed and his little fan club probably really enjoyed this little scene. Though he wanted nothing more than to leave he couldn't. He just had to somehow endure it and hope they would leave him be.

Siljah did nothing to hide how much she enjoyed having Theo under her command. This was just the way she wanted things. She leaned back in the chair and listened intently as Ed explained about the covens.

With a thoughtful pout she considered her different options. After a few moments "Hmm... Well thanks for the info. I'm really tempted to join you straight away, but I think I need talk to this Sabine before making my decision. Do you know where I might be able to find her?".

Ed smiled at Siljah as he took another sip of water. Then Kat and Cleo came by with a bowl of meatballs and beef broth that hinted of meat.

Beaming with joy Cleo made her way up on the table and lovingly rubbed her cheek against Theos chin. He looked down at her with some confusion and then Kat placed the dish before him.

Kat: Cleo insisted.

Though he was a bit confused, he had to admit that the food smelled really good even a little blood like. "Thank you" he quietly said just as she were about to leave. He didn't notice it himself but the scent of the food made his eyes turn slightly red and it only became more when he started eating.

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