Small Talk

Theo felt completely humiliated and knew that Ed and his little fan club probably really enjoyed this little scene. Though he wanted nothing more than to leave he couldn't. He just had to somehow endure it and hope they would leave him be.
Siljah did nothing to hide how much she enjoyed having Theo under her command. This was just the way she wanted things. She leaned back in the chair and listened intently as Ed explained about the covens.
With a thoughtful pout she considered her different options. After a few moments "Hmm... Well thanks for the info. I'm really tempted to join you straight away, but I think I need talk to this Sabine before making my decision".

Ed: Of course. Take your time and do what is best for you. However, make sure you understand the pros and cons of your choices before you decide. The other covens have a punishment clause for anyone who quits.

Ed smiled at Siljah as he took another sip of water. Then Kat and Cleo came by with a bowl of meatballs and beef broth that hinted of meat.
Beaming with joy Cleo made her way up on the table and lovingly rubbed her cheek against Theos chin. He looked down at her with some confusion and then Kat placed the dish before him.

Kat: Cleo insisted.

Though he was a bit confused, he had to admit that the food smelled really good even a little blood like. "Thank you" he quietly said just as she were about to leave. He didn't notice it himself but the scent of the food made his eyes turn slightly red and it only became more when he started eating.

Ed took a bit of food as he nodded at Siljah. Then he gave a bit to Nagi who was still staring at Theo and flicking her tongue. April looked annoyed and stuffed her mouth to avoid talking. She was moody that Theo was at the table. Now and then she would feed Blu, her blue Macaw. Regan was quietly eating and talking with the freshmen in the coven. Elvira was eating nibbles to avoid smearing her lipstick. She was patiently listening to Ed and Siljah talk was well as watching Theo who looked apprehensive. She hoped he would behave and get along for a change.

Tag (Does cow blood work the same as human blood? It was also cooked so not sure how potent it would be.)

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