Mood swings

Ed: Of course. Take your time and do what is best for you. However, make sure you understand the pros and cons of your choices before you decide. The other covens have a punishment clause for anyone who quits.

"Oh, that's usefully to know. I'll be sure to take that into account" Siljah said with a charming wink and a smile.

Ed took a bit of food as he nodded at Siljah. Then he gave a bit to Nagi who was still staring at Theo and flicking her tongue. April looked annoyed and stuffed her mouth to avoid talking. She was moody that Theo was at the table. Now and then she would feed Blu, her blue Macaw. Regan was quietly eating and talking with the freshmen in the coven. Elvira was eating nibbles to avoid smearing her lipstick. She was patiently listening to Ed and Siljah talk was well as watching Theo who looked apprehensive. She hoped he would behave and get along for a change.

It was only now that she noticed the slight change in Theos eye colour. "Is everything all right?" she asked while staring at him, wondering if it was simply the light that made his eyes look so different.

The way she kept looking at him was really uncomfortable. He growled slightly and turned his back to her as he finished his meatballs "Of course. Just stop staring like that". Why couldn't she just leave him alone?

"But your eyes..." Siljah started but was cut short. "It's nothing, allright?!" he couldn't stand any more of her questions and now it was getting too personal. Though he risked her telling on him, he angrily got up, put Cleo back into his bag and left to avoid any potential follow-up questions.

Siljah looked a little after him not sure why her question had upset him like that before turning towards Ed and the rest of his coven "Is he always this moody?".

(OOC - I don't know, but I don't think so. Just added the part with his eyes changing colours because of it, but not his behavior. If this is a problem I'll change it asap ;) )

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