Staff Meeting

Ed: Of course. Take your time and do what is best for you. However, make sure you understand the pros and cons of your choices before you decide. The other covens have a punishment clause for anyone who quits.

"Oh, that's usefully to know. I'll be sure to take that into account" Siljah said with a charming wink and a smile.

Ed took a bit of food as he nodded at Siljah. Then he gave a bit to Nagi who was still staring at Theo and flicking her tongue. April looked annoyed and stuffed her mouth to avoid talking. She was moody that Theo was at the table. Now and then she would feed Blu, her blue Macaw. Regan was quietly eating and talking with the freshmen in the coven. Elvira was eating nibbles to avoid smearing her lipstick. She was patiently listening to Ed and Siljah talk was well as watching Theo who looked apprehensive. She hoped he would behave and get along for a change.

It was only now that she noticed the slight change in Theos eye colour. "Is everything all right?" she asked while staring at him, wondering if it was simply the light that made his eyes look so different.
The way she kept looking at him was really uncomfortable. He growled slightly and turned his back to her as he finished his meatballs "Of course. Just stop staring like that". Why couldn't she just leave him alone?
"But your eyes..." Siljah started but was cut short. "It's nothing, all right?!" he couldn't stand any more of her questions and now it was getting too personal. Though he risked her telling on him, he angrily got up, put Cleo back into his bag and left to avoid any potential follow-up questions.
Siljah looked a little after him not sure why her question had upset him like that before turning towards Ed and the rest of his coven "Is he always this moody?".

Ed, April, Reagan and Elvira nodded their heads as they watched Theo leave in a huff. They didn't get a chance to see Theo's eyes since he turned away so fast and left with his back to them. Since he wasn't acting aggressive they questioned if he was going savage on them. Also since Cleo was not worried he made them wonder if he was just moody.

April: Yeah he is your typical jerk/bully in this school. He wants to break the rules but gets his panties in a twist when he gets punished for it.

Ed: April and Theo get along like fire and gasoline.

Reagan nodded with a French fry in her mouth. April was not amused as she got a bit snarky.

April: Nicely put Evil Eddy.

Ed: Stop calling me that.

Elvira: This is a bit concerning.

Ed: What is?

Elvira: Siljah mentioned his eyes. If they turned red we might have a problem.

April: His eyes went red?

Elvira: I didn't see, but it is possible. That only happens when Red Fledglings have human blood.

Ed rubbed his chin then nodded at Nagi, his large snake.

Ed: Nagi check his plate.

Nagi slithered off Ed's shoulders and raised her long neck to flick her tongue around Theo's plates. She tasted the area with her flicking tongue, which drew a few heads from the students who were watching this. Then Nagi slithered back to Ed's shoulders and she hissed at him as she told him telepathically that she smelled blood from a cow in the food. Ed rubbed his chin before he fed Nagi a treat.

Ed: Thanks Nagi. Your toungue would put any detective to shame.

Elviea: What did she find?

Ed: Cow blood in the food.

April: Cow blood? Like in a burger?

Ed: Yes...…. I am guessing his meatballs were a bit red on the inside.

April: Will that be a problem?

Elvira: Not sure. I'll have to ask the other staff members. I don't think it will be since they serve beef products all the time.

Ed: Well let me know if it is. I'll send a few snakes to spy on him if that is the case. We don't need another incident.

Elvira: Good idea. I'll see you all at the coven meeting after our staff meeting.

Elvira then left with her tray and dropped it off before heading to her meeting. Ed and the others looked at each other with some concern. Ed looked at Siljah with a sad expression.

Ed: I am not sure what's going on with you and Theo but be careful. He has a violent history of attacking females and has already been punished for it.

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