It was all kind of blurry to Theo and he only heard half of the words she said eventough he really did try to listen to her. He semi consciously nodded before moving his head down to her neck once more.

When being this close to the large vein in her close it was almost to difficult for him to resist. Gently he nibbled on her neck while at the same time he pulled the shirt off her shoulder with his hand. A little reluctantly he moved down to her shoulder before sinking his teeth in. Only a little blood started oozing from the small puncture marks. To Theo it was a disappointingly small amount, but the taste was even better than he remembered. It was easily the most addicting thing he'd ever experienced.

His body was overflow with a delight he just couldn't get enough of. Instintivly he bit down deeper to get more but when that didn't do much he moved even closer towards the tempting vein in her neck before biting down again just before he reached it.

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