As Ed and April walked through the empty halls in the late morning they found no one in sight. This only made them more nervous than before since they believed that they were kidnapped while they were sleeping. Every now and then they would check a few doors only to find them locked. Eventually they found the front door which was also locked from the inside with deadbolts.

April: Seriously who locks the door from the inside?

Ed: Someone who doesn't want us to leave.

April: Yeah I'm not down with that.

Ed: Me neither, but that's not what's bugging me.

April: What is?

Ed: Well its obvious that we were kidnapped and brought here for some reason. However why did they bring our stuff?

April: What do you mean?

Ed: I mean if we are to be slaves or experiments, then why did they bring our stuff and why aren't we in cages or chains? In most movies or comics the victims are usually chained up or caged or have their limbs broken or removed to keep them from escaping.

April: Now that you mention it, that is weird and you are really messed up in the head. So maybe this some kind of home for problem kids. My relatives ditched me.

Ed: Yeah mine to. I just hope they aren't to creepy and harsh.

April: Meh. I'll just bust some heads if that's the case. Its not the first time I have been in a bad situation like Juvie, but this place is way nicer than Juvie.

Ed: Juvie?

April: Juvenile Detention. Its prison for kids.

Ed: Oh.....your scary.

April smirked at him with a wicked smile as she gave him her bully stance.

April: Remember that and we will get along fine.

After finding a staircase up they decided to look around upstairs. However much like downstairs the rooms seemed to be locked. Both April and Ed were very puzzled why no one was up and around. To complicate matters every now and then they would get a fearful feeling by a few doors and instinctively avoided them.

Feeling like they were being avoided they gave up and decided to go to their rooms to wait. After arriving by Ed's room April stood by him as if she was waiting for something.

Ed: What???

April: I am not to cool with being alone right now.

Ed: So why my room?

April: Cause I'm a girl you wuss. The last thing I need is you going through my underwear drawer.

Ed paused as he thought about what April said before she smacked the back of his head.

Ed: Ouch!

April: No dirty thoughts about me either. Don't give me a reason to mess you up.

Ed: Okay. Okay. Relax, besides you kinda put that thought in my head to begin with.

April: Yeah yeah. Open the door already, before I consider using you as bait to escape this place.

Ed: Would you really?

April: Only if you give me a reason to.

Ed quickly let April into his room. Oddly enough this was the first time in his life he ever had a female other than his mother in his room. He was not sure what to do with his new company as they walked in. After looking around he saw all his stuff was still in boxes. April saw the boxes in his room and figured he had not unpacked yet. Then she remembered her stuff was already laid out since she didn't have much to begin with. Figuring they needed something to pass the time she spoke up.

April: Wow you have a lot of stuff.

Ed: You didn't?

April: Nawh, I was practically living out of a duffel bag. Just a few clothes and a skateboard.

Ed: Why so little?

April: Well after my folks died I was forced to live with my relatives but they didn't much care for me so every year or so they would pass me off like a bad pet. I got most my clothes from the thrift shop with my friends.

Ed: Friends?

April: Yeah funny I had friends huh, Nerd boy? I wouldn't say we were real close but we had a lot in common like skateboarding and getting in trouble. Usually they would spot me some clothes, cash or food when I was out of either. The only one I got a long with was my cousin Michael, but I hated his wife Maggie so I spent a lot of time away from them.

Ed: Wow that is really messed up.

April: Oh like you are one to talk nerd boy. I bet you were unpopular with just about everyone in school and home.

Ed: Yeah you got me there.

April: Based on your looks and mouth I'm guessing you have never had a girlfriend, got bullied by everyone in school, including your fellow nerds and your relatives avoided you since they could not understand your warped sense of humor.

Ed: That is so creepy you got that right away.

April: Not really I used to bully guys like you out of lunch money when I actually went to school. I bet you have a nickname or two you are haunted by too.

Ed: (voice cracking and looking away) I don't know what you are talking about.

April: If you come clean with me I won't torture you.

Ed: And if I don't?

April: I could remind you all about swirlies, wedgies and noogies.

Ed: Is that the best you can do? I am used to those.

April: Well if you push it I could just smash your hands real good.

Ed: What will that do?

April: Try going to the bathroom with two bad hands.

Ed: Oh man you are mean.

April: Yes I am now do as I say and I will be nice to ya. What's your nick name?

Ed was ashamed as he turned red and looked down at the floor. He was ashamed to get bullied by the first girl he got along with.

Ed: Evil Ed

April: What was that?

Ed: Evil Ed. Okay? EVIL ED! But I really hate that name so don't say if okay?

April: I'll consider it........if you agree to be my minion.

Ed: What?

April: First rule of Juvie and School. Establish dominance. By collecting my minions I won't have to worry about being someone else's minion.

Ed: What about me?

April: Your a weak nerd boy with a screwed up sense of humor. No matter how you look at it your at the bottom of the food chain. As I see it you can either accept me as your master or accept some stranger, but keep in mind....(pause).....the others may not be as nice as I am. I will only punish you if you piss me off like when you were thinking about my underwear, unlike those jocks in your school who did it out of spite. So what's it gonna be?

Ed contemplated his options and soon realized April was far nicer than the bullies of his past. Maybe she could help he get out of the nerd stereotype in time.

Ed: Okay you win. I'll be your minion. So do I call you master or something?

April: Nope April is fine. Just no nick names like sweetie,cutie or b!tch.

Ed: Yeah I'll remember that.

April: Anyway I'm bored so I'll help you unpack your stuff.

Ed: But why? Won't it be harder to take it later on?

April: Even if we escape at the last minute how do you plan to take all this with you?

Ed: Good point. Oh well I guess it will keep us busy then.

April: You deal with the clothes and I'll deal with the rest since I really don't want to see your undies.

Ed: Why are you helping me?

April: I'm bored and I might learn a few of your secrets this way.

Ed cringed as April teased him a bit. After several hours of unpacking and finding room for everything Ed and April sat on the bed to see how the room looked.

April: Wow you really are not gonna win any girls over with a room like this.

Ed: Not cool April! I like this stuff.

April: Which is why you are alone nerd boy. If you keep this up you're gonna end up a 40 year old virgin like that guy in the movie.

Ed: Didn't he get a woman in the end?

April: Dunno I only saw part of it before my friends and I were chased out of the the mall for loitering. After a while Ed looked at his watch and realized the sun was starting to set and they skipped breakfast and lunch. Out of hunger they decided to look for food down stairs. As they wandered around they hoped they could find someone else to give them food and answers.


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