She shoots, she scores

Reagan skated backwards down the narrow paved path by the woods edge, listening to a recorded podcast of the 2008 Stanley Cup finals, sadly the last time the Red Wings won, defeating Pittsburgh. She imagined her name instead of Darren Helm, as they played the same position. She practiced stick handling, and shot an imaginary puck when Helm took a shot on goal, and imagined the crowd chanting "Rhodes" while she lined up the shot. The puck would sail in and her friends would check her into the boards, sticks held high. The path was too narrow to use an actual puck, but it was for the most part well paved for speed. Once or twice the hair stood up on the back of her neck, a creepy feeling of being watched. She pulled an earbud out of her ear to listen, but on seeing no one she wrote it off as an overactive imagination.

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