Elvira then left with her tray and dropped it off before heading to her meeting. Ed and the others looked at each other with some concern. Ed looked at Siljah with a sad expression.

Ed: I am not sure what's going on with you and Theo but be careful. He has a violent history of attacking females and has already been punished for it.

Siljah didn't quite get what all of the fuss was about. They all appeared to be overreacting quite a bit. She ignored Eds warning and sent him a confident smile "Oh don't worry about it. I know exactly what I'm doing and he would be downright stupid to try and attack me. Besides, even if he did try so I would simply use that little snake you gave me and then everything would be just fine, right?".

Ed smiled at Siljah and nodded at her.

Ed: True since you are under my protection you should be fine. Theo knows better than to cross me or anyone under my protection.

April was about to speak up but Ed politely cut her off. Then he continued to Siljah.

Ed: However you may have noticed you are not the only female student on campus. It would be bad if he attacked another female when he losses control. Let's just hope its not to serious and leave it to the staff for now.

Ed sipped his water before speaking again.

Ed: So feel free to join us again Siljah. I hope we can be friends in the future.


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