Grinding Away

The tiny noise of Reagan that went through the room was enough to wake up Theo, who had any just fallen asleep. He waited until she was outside before he got up and followed her, courius the see what she was up to.

The evening air outside was nice and fresh. He walked around for a while before he spotted Reagan. He kept watching her from a distance just to see what she were doing.

After April left class with Ed her brain was glazing over from the boring lecture so she told Ed to take notes for her and she needed some air. Reluctantly Ed went off to his next class while April headed to her room to fetch her skateboard and snuck outside to release some pent up stress. As she left the main door she saw the hand rail and jumped on it with her board to do a power slide all the way down till she landed on all 4 wheels. Feeling better she began skating around the sidewalks till she was someone else skating in the distance. Feeling curious she skated in the direction of the girl while unaware Theo was nearby watching.


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