A slight change

Ed smiled at Siljah and nodded at her.

Ed: True since you are under my protection you should be fine. Theo knows better than to cross me or anyone under my protection.

April was about to speak up but Ed politely cut her off. Then he continued to Siljah.

Ed: However you may have noticed you are not the only female student on campus. It would be bad if he attacked another female when he losses control. Let's just hope its not to serious and leave it to the staff for now.

Ed sipped his water before speaking again.

Ed: So feel free to join us again Siljah. I hope we can be friends in the future.

"Well thank you Eddie. I'm sure we'll be great friends in the times to come" she said with a wink, while picking up her tray and prepared to leave "Bye".

She returned her trey with her empty plate and glass before heading to the library. Things was still working just as planned although Theo had been acting up a bit. It might be time for a slight change of action.

There were a few other students at the library, but she managed to get to the part where Theo stored his bloodbags without drawing any attention. She opened her bag, bend down, pulled he books aside and then started filling her bag with the blood. "Let this be a lesson to you, Theo" she thought to herself with a smile while she put the last bloodbag into her satchel. Then before leaving she put the books back on the shelf, just like they were before.

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