The punishment/Showing feelings

"Well..." Theo knew things probably wasn't going to be that easy "because of the previous incidents I've been involved with, and the fact that I'm a red, means that I would be lucky if I were just being punished with detention this time...". He didn't feel like telling her all the details, but he had already done quite a few more severe things than simply having a secret blood stach, wich he had had more than once.

Having given the last part some thought he looked at her again with a small smile "I love the way you think, but I'm not sure you'll be anything to find anything on her. She's so new to this school so she hasn't had the time yet to have done anything.".


Gawain almost jumped from his chair when he heard the knocking. He was so nervous about this that he was almost shaking. "Come in" he calmly replied even though he dreaded this moment.

He waited until she was inside and had shut the door behind her. At first he couldn't even look at her " I'm... I'm so sorry Mei...". He bit his lip and looked down at the pencil in his hands wich he was nervously doodling with. "I've met a terrible, terrible mistake... I thought I did what was best for you..." he then paused, finding it hard to say the next part as he feared how she would respond. Finally he looked up and into her eyes "I love you so much, Mei, and all I want is for you to be happy, but... but all I've ever done to you is to put you in danger and hurt you". His eyes were getting wet "I know I said some hurtful things before, but I only did it to keep you safe. But the truth is, I just can't stand not being with you. I know it's wrong and if you won't forgive me I promise to leave straightaway and never come back..."

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