Plots & Twists

"Well thank you Eddie. I'm sure we'll be great friends in the times to come" she said with a wink, while picking up her tray and prepared to leave "Bye".
She returned her trey with her empty plate and glass before heading to the library. Things was still working just as planned although Theo had been acting up a bit. It might be time for a slight change of action.
There were a few other students at the library, but she managed to get to the part where Theo stored his blood bags without drawing any attention. She opened her bag, bend down, pulled the books aside and then started filling her bag with the blood. "Let this be a lesson to you, Theo" she thought to herself with a smile while she put the last blood bag into her satchel. Then before leaving she put the books back on the shelf, just like they were before.

Meanwhile Ms. Tricoli was making her rounds and putting up the books as she quietly passed the few students in the library. As she made her rounds she almost caught a few students getting a bit to friendly in the isles. She made noise on purpose as a fair warning to the hormone riddled children who tried to turn the library into a make out spot. It was bad enough she was still single after several decades, but she was not going to let the kids take advantage and mess up her job. Granted she did enjoy her job in the library since she got to read at her leisure, but she was not going to meet her prince charming in a boring library. Many of her friends from school were already in relationships and she was now a single older woman working at a job where she would hardly ever meet an y good looking single men.

The only male in her life was Noir, her black cat who stayed in her office napping all the time. So as she passed Siljah she remained quiet and passed her by as she continued to put up her books. She welcomed the students who were there to learn, but was annoyed by the ones who used the library to goof off. As she made her way to the next isle she saw a pair of students trying to quickly recover from getting caught kissing as they grabbed their bags and scurried away. Liz glared at them as they tried to hide their faces so they would not get reported. This irked her since she was annoyed they used the Library to do this and because she was a bit jealous as well. After she finished her rounds she pushed her cart to the desk to work on the next stack of books that were dropped off.

A bit later Ed, April, Reagan and his coven came in to meet Ms. Tricoli.

Ed: Hey Ms. Tricoli.

Ms. Tricoli: Mr. Thompson. How can I help you today?

Ed: Just here to recheck out these books.

Ed put the stack of books on the counter.

Ms. Tricoli: Very well. How is your coven working out?

Ed: Ahead of schedule. Next year I think we will exceed the twenty person mark if all goes well.

Ms. Tricoli: Interesting. Its been a while since I have seen such a bold move in the school.

Ed smiled at Ms. Tricoli and blushed a bit. She was definitely pretty and well with in his strike zone like April and Elvira, however he was still nervous about hitting on any girls since he was in a secret relationship with April and Elvira. He was afraid to mess that up by flirting so he held his tongue. Ms. Tricoli on the other hand found Ed to be a bit of a mystery since he was loser turned prodigy who rivaled the DOD and SOD in less than a year. Normally she was not in to younger males since they were immature, but Ed showed a lot of promise so she made it a point to talk to him in case he might be a reliable contact in the future since he was not held down by old culture and stuffy beliefs.

Ms. Tricoli: So will you be needing any other books?

Ed: I will in the future once the coven makes some more progress.

Ms. Tricoli: Well if you send me another list I can have them ready for check out.

April noticed the expression on Ms. Tricoli's face change from stoic to pleasant when Ed was talking to her. Granted she didn't spend a lot of time in the Library since studying was not her thing, but she did notice that the librarian normally had a serious glare in her expression for the other students. The only time she recalled seeing her smile was when Ed came by. Sadly she didn't know if she smiled at anyone else, but se definitely looked at Ed differently. She thought to her self as she watched them make small talk and wondered how she could make this work in her favor. Since she had time she decided she would talk to Elvira in private for more info.

Ms. Tricoli: Very well then Mr. Thompson. Your books are good for another two weeks.

Ed: Thanks Ms. Tricoli. You have a good night then.

Ms. Tricoli: You too Mr. Thompson.

After that Ed and the others made their way to the nurses office for coven training. The new students were excited since they were learning a lot compared to the rumors of the newbies in the DOD and SOD. Elvira was still in her meeting with the other staff members discussing several important topics.

(Megan add any info Elvira may need to know in the staff meeting)

Once the meeting was over Elvira made her way back to her office and joined Ed and the others for their training. Ed was again going over the basics with hands on training to re-enforce the proper way to chant and focus so they would minimize any negative issues in the future. Once Ed finished the basics again Elvira then aided them with a proper spell circle so they could work together to make a small safe spell. Hoping to keep the coven interested they would practice small various spells as a group to guide them on the various differences in each technique.

During the break time April confronted Elvira on the side to talk about the librarian Ms. Tricoli. They talked about the gossip involving her and her likes and dislikes. As it turned out she was a lot like Elvira in her situation but came off more stoic instead of zany like Elvira. So as the two began discussing various plots and schemes Ed was making small talk with the coven on tips and insights he had.


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