After hearing the response from the strange grouchy person before them, April and Ed were now even more curious than before.

Ed: Ask a teacher? As in this is a school of sorts?

April: Wait a sec you mean we were kidnapped and brought to a school? What the He!!?? Seriously who does that?

Ed: You think our relatives set this up?

April: Normally I'd agree but why would my relatives pay now of all times. They hated having to buy me food and clothes as it was. And Mike would have mentioned it in the letter. He didn't like lies.

Ed: True.......my folks would have mocked me as they shipped me off to s boarding school.

April: This is a boarding school?

Ed: Dunno for sure but it does resemble one now that it has teachers.

April: (looking at Theo) What kind of school is this? I've never heard of a school that kidnaps it's students before?


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