Breakfast For Dinner???

He sighed. It was just too early on the night for all of these questions.

Theo: Yes, it is a school. A special school, but look I'll tell you more later. Right now I seriously need to get some breakfast, allright? Try to find a teacher on the mean time or come back to me when I'm done, okay?

After seeing Theo looking like typical coffee commercial where the person drags out of bed looking like they were near death till they get that first morning cup, April and Ed sighed as they agreed to start with breakfast shortly after their stomach's growled at the sound of breakfast. Though they still had a lot of questions it was a bit relieving to know they were not in any immediate danger. Although they were hungry and followed Theo to get some grub they both found it unsettling that he was eating breakfast at seven pm. April whispered to Ed as they followed Theo.

April: He did say breakfast right?

Ed: Maybe its a night school?

April: I've never been to night school before.

Ed: My mom did when she was taking some classes in college.

April: Yeah but this is high school.

Ed: Well maybe this guy will talk more after he eats or we might find a teacher.

April: Yeah that sounds like a good idea. I wonder what we will be eating?

Ed: Don't know but I'll eat anything at this point.

April: Yeah beggars ca't be choosers.

It was at that moment when they entered the dinning hall with Theo that they saw what was waiting for them.

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