An Inconvenient Truth???

(OOC - Actually I only read the Wiki about this story so I am not sure about the details either)

As April and Ed followed Theo to the table they saw a lot of food and bottles of red juice of some kind. While not paying attention they pick up a plate of steak and veggies and a bottle of what they believe is red juice. Feeling famished they begin eating rather quickly. April seems to have ho manners as she eats like a trucker and Ed is a bit picky as he takes small bites as he eats somewhat dainty like. Anyone watching might see them as the odd couple. After eating half their meal they crack open their red bottle of juice only to find it does not taste like juice. After making a yuk face, April and Ed look at each other then at Theo as he seems to be enjoying his red liquid. April looks at Ed and whispers to him.

April: Is this what I think it is?

Ed: Oh man I hope not. Cause if it is......

April: What do you mean?

Ed: Oh man........think about it. No windows in the house. Everyone sleeps during the day and we are drinking blood.

April: We are in a house of weirdos?

Ed: Worse. We are in a house of vampyres. And by the looks of things we are either vampyres or food.

April: Oh crap! How do we know if we are food then?

Ed: Ummmmm....... When you drank the blood did a part of you like it?

April: Well I didn't want to hurl or choke it up if that's what ya mean.

Ed: Yeah me neither. So I guess they really did get us last night.

April: Huh? What do you mean?

Ed: Last night I was spying on a neighbor and discovered he was a vampyre. He spotted me and I barely escaped after running home. I thought I was safe but he must have found a way to get to me in my sleep.

April: Are you being serious?

Ed: Yeah.

April: Prove it.

Ed showed her his teeth.

Ed: See.

April: See what?

Ed: Look I have fangs.

April: Big deal so do I. I was born with them.

Ed: No...... I mean my K9 teeth were square yesterday and now they are real fangs.

April: Don't screw with me Ed.

Ed: I am serious. Try drinking your blood bottle again and if you like it, it will be kinda obvious.

April hesitantly drank her blood again only to realize she did like the taste.

April: Please tell me you messing with me.

Ed: I wish I was. (drinks the blood) Now I actually have the urge to drink it too.

April: So then that makes this a school for??

Ed: Vampyres. I am not sure how or when but that seems to be the case. The question now is what do we do about it?

April: Yeah.

April and Ed were now showing a long face as they were doing their best to deal with the new truth that was right before them. Then she looked at Theo.

April: Names April and this is Ed. Who are you and what can you tell us about being a blood sucker?


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