Opening Doors

April was feeling a bit off as she slid her bottle of blood to Theo hoping to loosen his tongue about the school. Then she casually took Ed's bottle and drank from it. Ed dropped his jaw after seeing April casually drink after him. When it came to street smarts she was very knowledgeable unlike Ed who was mainly knowledgeable when it came to books.

Then April sat Ed's bottle down on the table before him as if to gesture he was allowed to drink after her. Though the thought of drinking blood was a big turn off he still craved it and sharing an indirect kiss with April seemed very appealing. So he casually drank his blood hoping she would not get mad and when she made no reaction he felt relieved.

Though April was a Tomboy Skater Girl she was still very attractive to most guys and some girls. Of course she didn't any manners and acted like a guy which was a turn off to guys who like girly girls. However in the eyes of April she just didn't care what others thought of her. She always looked out for herself since she was orphaned. In regards to Ed she saw him as a pet to pass the time and serve her. At this point love was something she lost interest in after losing her parents.

April: Names April and this is Ed. As you can tell we are new here. You look like you have been here a while, what do you know about this place? I mean other than the vampyre stuff what else do we do here?


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