Breaking Bad

Its morning as a commercial for Peter Vincent. A Las Vegas institution, he's a magician whose show is all Gothic, horror-movie imagery. Peter's wiry, hot -- a rock and roll bad boy. He's cutting a girl up with a chain saw. And grinning like a mad man.

Television Announcer: Peter Vincent's "FRIGHT NIGHT."

The family Dog is up on the coffee table eating what's left of a fast food burger and fries, still in the box. Meanwhile Ed is in the bathroom brushing his teeth.

Television Announcer: Something's moving in the dark.

Also on the table -- a role-playing game in progress. "Magic, the Gathering"... Elves and Wizards.

Television Announcer: Only at The Hard Rock. Nightly Wednesday Through Sunday.

Then Ed greets his dog Anubis with a rub on his head as he leaves to school.

Ed: Later Nubis. See after school.

Anubis accepts the rub and goes back to eating.

Clark County High School Day:

Several students are walking down the halls of the school. Charlie, Mark and Ben move down the hall. Mark shows Charlie a picture on his phone. A woman posing seductively.

Mark: Miss Granada. Geometry.

Charlie: Holy crap. Where did you get that?

Mark: She's hard up, man. Equations don't keep you warm at night. They stop, see Evil Ed approaching. This amuses Mark and Ben. But Charlie's uncomfortable and wants to bolt.

Ben: I think "it's" going to talk to us.

Ed: Hey guys! I need a minute.

Mark: "It's" going to talk to Brewster.

Ben (looking at Ed): When are you going to get the message? We don't know you--

Ed: (looking at Charlie): He does. Or did. Before the summer and his Jock Lobotomy.

Charlie (to Ed/uncomfortable): What's the deal, man?

Ed stares Charlie down. Ben and Mark bust out laughing. Mark looks at Charlie.

Mark: Just the two of you. That's sweet. He can school you in the ways of geek-douchery.

Ed: It's important. "Brewster."

The way Ed says his name is enough to propel Charlie into action. He grabs Ed and pulls him aside. Mark and Ben watch with interest -- out of earshot. Ed's tone is dire, serious as a heart attack.

Ed: Adam's missing. Charlie's looking around, self-conscious.

Charlie: What do you mean, he's missing?

Ed: I keep trying him and nothing. No texts, no phone. And he's not the only one who's gone. You heard roll call.

Charlie: So kids aren't coming to class. What do you want me to do about it?

Ed: Meet me at his house after school. We'll check around. See what's up, if he's okay.

Charlie: I can't after school. I'm busy.

Ed: I don't think you get what I'm TELLING YOU!

Charlie: Look, do we have to do this here?

Ed can't believe it. Charlie's totally blowing him off. He starts to lose it, raises his voice.

Ed: What, am I not even suppose to speak to you now?--

Charlie: Keep it down. Don't spaz--

Ed: It's so horrible! Crossing the streams! Will High School as we know it cease to exist?!

Ed glances at Mark and Ben, who still watch from a distance.

Ed: You want me to tell your pals how well we know each other? The Lego contests, the Farscape conventions, the costumes?

Charlie: QUIET!

Ed: Or how your first crush was with an Electra poster.

Charlie: No. No. No!

Ed: Then be my backup.

Charlie (Defeated): Fine. Adam's after school.

Ed: Don't be late. Moves off.

Charlie sees the guys watching him. He shrugs like "I have no idea what that was about..."

After school at sun down.

Charlie approaches, sees ED pacing in front of the house. He's flipping out.

Ed: Where the hell have you been?

Charlie: You said after school, chill out! Ed is already lugging his big duffle to Adam's front door.

Ed: Right after! It's dusk, dude, you know what that means!?

Charlie: That the sun's gone down. What's THE BIG--

Ed pushes Charlie aside and knocks loudly. Rings the bell.

Ed: Hey! Anybody home? A long pause. Nothing.

Charlie: Not here. Let's go-- But Ed's already heading around the house with the duffle.

Ed smirks as he gestures to go a different way. Ed wriggles in through the Dog Door. He turns, lets Charlie in as they looks around.

Charlie: This is nuts.

They move into the house. Ed is wired, scared.

Ed: Hello? Ed and Charlie here!

Ed: Come on.

Charlie follows him in. Resigned and placating.

Charlie: Okay. Fine.

Ed opens his duffle bag. Inside are crosses, stakes, holy water, even a small ax.

Ed: Take this.

Ed hands Charlie a stake. Charlie eyes it, incredulous.

Charlie: You've got to be kidding me. Ed stops. This is it.

Ed: I hate to tell you this but that guy, your neighbor. (serious pause) I think he's a vampire. One of the undead.

Charlie: My neighbor. Next door.

Ed: Yeah. I just met him. Jerry.

Charlie: Jerry? That's a terrible vampire name."Jerry." Seriously?

Ed: I didn't name him, man, I'm just reporting the facts!

Ed moves up the stairs. Charlie reluctantly follows. It's darker up here. Lights off.

Charlie: Come on, this is a gag right?

Ed's barely listening and cautious. Every shadow is potential death. Total schmuck bait...

Ed: Hey! Anybody here?

They pass the empty master bedroom which is clean and empty. Then Ed turns into Adam's room. It's full of geekery action figures, the like. Charlie sticks behind him. The guys don't register the mostly obscured form of somebody hiding behind the door. A large male figure. Ed catches sight of the guy, and spins toward it, freaked. Charlie also reacts, scared.

Ed: Get back, demon!

Ed thrusts his cross forward which knocks the door open, toppling a movie character cardboard display. Then Ed lets out a slightly manic laugh.

Ed: Ha! I killed that sucker dead!

Charlie: (angry): They're not here, okay? They left town. His dad was a deadbeat--Ed pulls a map out of his pocket. It has lots of red and black dots marked on it. He thrusts it at Charlie.

Ed: No, see, it's not just them. It started -- there was this thing on Channel 13, a lady escaped an attacker who tried to bite her. Ed points to the red dots on his chart. They form a loose circle around Charlie's house.

Ed: Adam and me, we graphed the attack, the disappearances. Whole families, gone. And that's you guys at the center, see? His windows are totally blacked out.

Charlie: There's a ton of houses like that. People work nights on the strip.....

Ed: But every window? No. I've been watching him. It all fits.....

Charlie: That Jerry's a Dracula?

Ed: No. Dracula is a specific vampire. I'M SAYING.....

Charlie:I know what you're saying! I'm mocking you. You've been reading too much Twilight again.

Ed: Fiction, okay? This is real. A real monster. And he's not brooding. Or lovesick. Or noble. He's the freaking shark from JAWS. He feeds, he kills, and he doesn't move on until everyone around him is dead.

Charlie can't help but pause. Ed's conviction is so real, but he shakes it off.

Charlie: COME ON!

Ed: What about your neighbors, the Perrys? He moved into their house. Haven't seen them around, have you?

Charlie: Yeah, in San Diego like a month ago!

Ed: Exception, proves the rule. You haven't asked him in, have you? He can't get in without an invitation.

Charlie: No, but?

Ed: Your mom? Lonely divorcee...

Charlie: You're on drugs.

Ed: No! Well, yeah... I thought you'd take my word, but I have evidence at home. Hard evidence.

Charlie stops fighting it and humors him. Ed's lost it.

Charlie: Yeah. Okay.

Ed: (Intense) We have to stake him in his nest. You and me. Not now, it's dark.

Charlie: Right. Cause he's nocturnal.

Ed: Just for....okay....... for a minute pretend you're not a douche now......

Charlie: Look, Ed, this stuff, it was fun when we were eight.....

Ed: 13!

Charlie: (loosing it): Whatever! I grew up, okay? You don't want to, fine. But don't get an attitude because I'd rather have a life than make crap up!

Ed stops. Stung and hurt.

Ed: Right. Got it. You're soooo cool "Brewster." Go ahead, join the Clark High early-peakers. This is the pinnacle for them. And that includes your girl..........

Charlie: Shut up Ed!

Ed: Undeniably doable, but we used to make fun of her and her pals, remember? They're bimbos--

Charlie: Shut up!

Charlie barely refrains from hitting Ed. Instead he shoves him away. Ed stumbles and falls on his back. Ed looks up at Charlie, genuinely hurt and desperate.

Ed: Adam's gone. You act like it has nothing to do with you. We were inseparable, man.

Charlie: Yeah. And you know when I got popular? The minute I stopped hanging out with you.

Charlie takes off. Ed watches him go as he just lost the last of his friends. Now he was alone since no one wanted to associate with him. His weirdness was just to much for other kids his age and his unwillingness to grow up made him an outcast by many. Where ever he went he was branded the weird kid or Evil Ed.

After waiting alone for a few hours only find no one was coming home he decided to go home, gripping his duffel bag nervously, skates down a residential street. Houses here are spaced far apart and the lights in many of them are off. Ed is anxious, watchful. He knows it's not safe. Every dark corner is potentially the end of him. A few cars pass. Something moves behind him. Footsteps gaining. Ed abandons his skateboard and bolts. A hand slams on his shoulder, spins him around. It's Mark, Charlie's pal from school.

Mark: You crossed my yard. Tracked your nerd juice all over it.

Ed: Sorry. Sorry.......

Mark: My mom works hard on that yard you MORON!

Ed glances around nervously, it's dark and anything else could be out there.

Ed: Can you just hit me? I don't have time for the build up. (he steels himself) Go.

Mark: Seriously?

Ed: Jesus, man! Just do it!

Mark: Fine.

Mark winds up and swings with a brutal blow. Ed duck and runs. Mark's immediately on his heels. The guys dodge and dart through the neighborhood. But Ed has experience in the art of losing bullies and he manages to shake Mark for a moment. Ed scrambles over a wooden fence, but his duffel bag gets caught on top. Most of his vamp hunting stuff spills over on the other side of the fence.

Ed: Crap. Crap!

There's not time to get the stuff. He can hear Mark approaching in the dark. He drops into a neighbor's backyard.

Ed spins and slams right into, it's Jerry. Ed falls back and scrambles away, terrified.

Ed: Get away! I'm armed you freak!

Jerry moves after Ed, angry, but controlled. More like a man than a monster.

Mark pulls up on the other side of the wood fence. Sees Ed's vamp hunting stuff on the ground, laughs.

Mark: Unbelievable.

Mark glances at the high fence. Decides he's done. He kicks some of Ed's stuff as he moves off.

Ed trips over kid's toys and bikes as he runs to the house. There's a porch light on over the back door.

Ed (pounding on door): Hey! Let me in! Please!

But there's no answer. Ed is desperate, Sees Jerry closing in, walking across the backyard. Ed takes a rock and smashes the window over the kitchen sink. Ed crawls through the window into the kitchen. Looks out. Jerry stalks toward him. All hulking menace. But Ed's safe now.

Ed (Calls out): Forget it sucker! No invite!

Ed scrambled to gather more vamp supplies from his room as he draws a magic circle with purified salts around himself and waits for daylight. For the rest of the night Ed sat in his circle armed and ready to be attacked by Jerry who he believed was a vampire. As he reflected on the day he realized his life just got worse. He lost his last two friends and he was going to get beat up at school by Mark tomorrow at school. To make it worse he now had to hide from Jerry when the sun goes down. Tears rolled down his eyes as he wondered what he was going to do now.

As he drifted off to sleep he began to dream about an extremely beautiful angelic looking woman. She almost looks like a spirit they way her hair and clothes flow like they are in the wind. The woman approaches Ed who is sitting alone in the middle of a vast white room crying. The woman holds Ed like a mother would hold her child. Ed can feel the warmth of her embrace as he hugs her back. It's been a long time since he felt this feeling since his parents were hardly ever around the house due to work. After a while the woman gently gets up while holding Ed's hand and takes him for a walk.

Ed: Where are we going?

Woman: To a place where they can't hurt you anymore.

Ed: That sounds nice.

Woman: It is.

Ed continued to dream about walking with the woman all night.

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