Ed was feeling uncomfortable about being a vampyre, drinking blood and being forced to attend a school for vampyres as he found himself drinking his bottle of blood. Of course having Theo give him a weird look only added to his nervousness. The only consolation he had was April
Was keeping him close by as if he was her property in prison. Oddly enough he felt a bit relieved to be with her instead of Someone like Theo. Ed was afraid that if he was with Theo he would have to give up his blood bottles daily.

Sensing Ed's nervousness April lifted her leg under the table and hung it over Ed's leg to quietly let him know she was incontrole of the situation. Ed gave her a look of hope and concern as he saw her drink from his bottle again.

April: Four years to become a vampyre huh. So now we have to avoid the sun, go to vampyre school for four years and somehow fit in with a bunch of blood sucking snobs??? Did I miss anything?

Ed: Well we might want to avoid holy water, garlic and stakes to the heart.

April and Ed were now talking to each other and ignoring Theo.

April: Wow that too huh?

Ed: Of course unless we keep getting free blood we may have to find a decent way to get it on our own.

April: As in biting people?

Ed: That's the way they do it in the movies unless this group has some kind of rule system.

April: That makes sense.

April looked at Theo as she sipped Ed's blood once again and handed him the bottle again.

April: So Theo........ I am guessing that teachers will tell us about the official rules of this place once in class , but what I want to know about is the unofficial hierarchy among the students. I found that every school has a version of prison yard rules and if I feel the need to get into it with anyone I would like to know who it affects down the road.

April gave a sly smile as she stared at Theo while gently swirling the bottle of blood.


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