Blood Money

Despite trying Theo couldn't stop starring at the bottle, following it with his eyes like a cat watching a mouse. He almost didn't listen to what they said either.

Theo: Hmm... I'll tell you if I get the rest of the blood.

His mouth was watering just by the thought of it and he were close to just snatch the bottle out of her hands.

April smirked as she dangled the bottle in her hand. She had been watching and toying with Theo for a while now. As it had been written through out history, women are very dangerous in that they love mind games.....especially with males.

April: This bottle you say? So this is the substitute for money around here huh? Well I don't mind making a trade. After all money talks.....well in this case blood is money.

Ed: (whispering to April) Wow ........ you are super scary April.

April: Your smart Ed. That's why I'll keep you around, but don't disappoint me or I might forget to feed you.

Ed was both scared out of his gourd and turned on at the same time by April. She all the makings of a gang leader and now she was a creature of the night so he had no intentions of getting on her bad side.

April: Answer my questions and its all yours. Disappoint me and I'll lick it off my boy Evil Ed here......just because.

Ed gave a sly and geeky smile at April as she was taunting Theo with the bottle of blood while waiting for an answer.


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