Pushing Back

Theo: Sorry to disappoint you, but your little trick isn't going to work on everyone here. You see, I'm not like most of them.

He then turned his attention from the bottle to her, his eyes still bright red. While he looked at her he couldn't help but think of another way to get some blood from her and a he smiled a little.

Theo: If you don't just give me that bottle right now you both are likely to loose a whole lot more than just the bottle and it ain't going to be pretty.

April gave a smirk at Theo as he threatened her for the bottle in a round about way. After looking at him show off his red eyes she she knew she had to make a tough choice. If she cowered before Theo, she and Ed would become his pets and she was not to keen on that idea. If she fought Theo there was a good chance he was stronger and had a hang of being a vampyre better than her which was one day. So she sucked her teeth before she gave him a wicked grin and stood up as she pulled Ed up to his feet. Then she looked at Theo as she toyed with the one third full bottle of blood before swatted the bottle to the floor causing the blood to spill on the lush wooden floor. Then as the bottle was flowing on the floor she quickly grabbed the wooden chair and smashed it onto the floor to break the four legs off. Then she quickly grabbed two broken chair legs in each hand and handed two to Ed as she took up a fighting stance in case Theo attacked them. She figured he would either lap up the blood like a crack head or attack them for defying him. She planned on Ed backing her up since his neck was also on the line and sure enough he braised himself despite being a weak nerd boy.

Unknown to most people due to her being a loner, she learned how to be a street fighter from her skater friends. Some of them knew a bit of boxing, wrestling and other martial arts since they took some classes. Though she was not properly trained in a dojo or school she managed to figure out to combine the mixed martial arts she did learn a very effective fighting form. Since she was a female she relied on speed attacks and taking out vital spots on her enemies. As for experience she gained experience fighting off pimps, drug dealers, cops and a lot of sex offenders. It was dangerous for a girl to be all on her own like she had been. She was not going to be controlled by anyone, much less a guy addicted to blood. She would rather die fighting than cave in to anyone. As she was psyching herself up to fight her aura was turning yellow and a small breeze flowed around her. Oddly enough several wind like symbols appeared on her forehead. She was ready to fight Theo win or loose and was unaware of her powers manifesting unlike poor Ed who was glad she was not mad at him.


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