Bad Timing

As soon as April saw Theo shove the table at her she hopped back to dodge it, however poor Ed was not as graceful as he was knocked down onto his butt in shock. April was ready to fight Theo till she saw Theo licking the floor like a starving dog eating table scraps. Ed scrambled to his feet in fear only to see a raised eyebrow on April's face. Then he saw what she was looking at as he saw Theo licking the blood off the floor.

April: I figured he might be an addict by his expressions. I've seen the same look on crack and meth heads when they are fiending hard on the streets.

Ed: He is addicted to blood?

April: Looks that way. He would have gotten violent if we kept the blood on us, but now he is a slave to his stomach.

Ed: Wow a Blood addict huh? I guess it makes sense then, but won't we become like that?

April: Maybe, but I noticed his eyes turned red and head tattoo was red too. Since ours are blue I have a feeling he is different from us. Maybe it has something to do with his addiction.

Ed: I need to start writing this stuff down.

April: Yeah keep good notes since our lives may depend on it.

Ed: Speaking of which what was that yellow light and wind about that was around you? I almost wet myself when you did that.

April: Maybe we will find out soon.

April looked at Theo as she was still ready to fight him.

April: Looks like you don't have much to offer me since you are a slave to your blood. Next time you get like that don't expect much from me.

Just then a few more students and teachers entered the room.

Teacher: I see you have met the new students Theo. Care to explain why you are in such an undignified manner?


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