The former celeb now Substitute Teacher and full time Nurse, Elvira raised her eyebrow at Theo as he stormed off in embarrassment. She was holding her familiar Max as she entered the room with a few other students.

Elvira: Oh wow! Kids today. So you two are the new students huh?

April: Yeah.

Ed: Oh wow!

April: Stop drooling nerd boy.

Ed: Huuh? Oh Sorry.

April: Eddy here was deprived from a girlfriend his whole life so showing off your warlocks made his IQ drop three hundred points.

Elvira: Nice to know I still got it at my age.

April: So are the real deal?

Ed: Yes she is.

Elvira: Yeah I get that a lot. I managed to used my gifts to land the "Mistress of the Dark" gig. Now I just work here as a nurse and sub since being at home is boring.

April: So what was up with Theo?

Elvira: You two should be more careful around him. He is a red and a bit unstable. Once we die and get resurrected we become red. Here you will learn regular school work and vampyre culture. Since you both are a Fledglings you are stuck in this house for the next four years.

Ed: Why?

Elvira: Well kids here is the low down. A small percentage of the world's teenagers are changed into vampires when adolescent hormones trigger a strand of what is otherwise junk DNA. The change from human to vampire takes four years, during which time the adolescents, known as "Fledglings," must attend one of the "House of Night" boarding schools. While here, you are required to take the Vampire Sociology 101 course to learn the dangers they face. If a fledgling is not in constant proximity to adult vampyres like myself, the fledgling will die like a diabetic without insulin, if ya get my meaning. So because of that the fledglings rarely leave the school till they become a full vampyre. About one in ten fledglings will die anyway cause they have either a weak spirit or get in over their head or they cannot handle the Change . For those of you who do survive, there's a big reward. You will like myself get super-gorgeous and super-talented. Vampyres are physically stronger than most adult humans, with accelerated reflexes, enhanced dexterity, life of more than five centuries, as well as heightened senses such as night vision. So that's pretty much the low down. Here you will find some decent kids and some troubled ones. Most of the time you are on your own unless any of the rules are broken like trying to kill, resurrect, use of illegal spells or leaving the house. Any questions?

April: I think I get it for now. I ask more when classes begin.

Ed: Umm do all the female vampyres look like you?

Elvira: Of course not silly. The men would kinda creepy in my clothes.

April: Ha! Good one.

Ed: (blushing) Sorry I meant the women.

Elvira: No I am one of a kind sweety. But I should warn you.

Ed: About what?

Elvira: Although I'm flattered you can't stop drooling while looking at me like a piece of candy, your girlfriend here might.

Ed: Huh? But.....I am not her boyfriend.

April: He is my pet.

Ed: Hey!???

Elvira: Oh my....pets can be fun too. I have a few pets of my own, but don't abuse this one to much. He looks a bit fragile.

April: Yeah but his brain is useful.

Elvira: Hee hee, vampyre nerds can be popular to keep around, especially when using gifts or learning new magic. Well I'm famished so lets talk more over breakfast.

Elvira then talked to the other students as they enjoyed their breakfast. April and Ed got a new bottle of blood to share as they learned more about their classes. Of course Ed was still concerned about making Theo mad at them.


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