No ordinary cold

Reagan spun her Tigers cap backwards and frowned in the mirror. She looked like crap, and felt even worse. But if she didn't show up for practice, there was no way she could play in Friday's game. Her hair was still damp from the shower. Not wanting to make a cold turn into pneumonia, she grabbed a beanie instead, one that matched her outfit for the day. citizenship, why single her out? Knit cap would be her best bet.

The Rinx was an outdoor park for roller and deck hockey, which gave "the pond kids" somewhere to play until things froze. Ice hockey was her favorite sport, but her mom didn't have the cash to pay for ice fees and time. Instead she played in the community league which was relagated to the outdoors. She strapped her skates to her gear bag and headed to the door.

At 5:45 am, her mom would still be sleeping, Reagan stopped at the medicine cabinet to take two daytime cold tablets. A chill came over her as she stepped outside, causing her to go back for a hoodie. She’d take crap for it, you don’t know cold until you experienced a Michigan winter, but you build up a tolerance. November would be acceptable to break out the sweatshirts. This was no ordinary cold. As if on cue, she broke into a coughing fit.

The sun had peaked over the horizon as the MDOT bus pulled to a stop. Reagan showed her Metro Card and slumped down in a seat. The higher the sun rose, the worse she felt, her head was pounding, and the cough had gotten worse. Several people sitting nearby changed their seats. She decided she'd skip practice after school and go back to bed. Bed. Just the word itself sounded sweet and inviting. The headache was worse, and she was shivering. She pulled the cap down over her eyes, and flipped up the hood of the sweatshirt, the dark material providing some relief as she leaned against the window, closing her eyes.

She woke up with a start. The bus was empty except for the driver, and she didn’t recognize the neighborhood. She felt a little better though, the cold tablets must have done the trick. She held fast to her gear bag and made her way to the front of the bus.

“Hey. I think I missed my stop.”

OOC: Edited this post as I've now read the House of Night book and wanted to correct my errors.

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