Elvira: Although I'm flattered you can't stop drooling while looking at me like a piece of candy, your girlfriend here might.

Ed: Huh? But.....I am not her boyfriend.

April: He is my pet.

Ed: Hey!???

Elvira: Oh my....pets can be fun too. I have a few pets of my own, but don't abuse this one to much. He looks a bit fragile.

April: Yeah but his brain is useful.

Elvira: Hee hee, vampyre nerds can be popular to keep around, especially when using gifts or learning new magic. Well I'm famished so lets talk more over breakfast.

Elvira then talked to the other students as they enjoyed their breakfast. April and Ed got a new bottle of blood to share as they learned more about their classes. Of course Ed was still concerned about making Theo mad at them.

When everyone was leaving the dining hall for a tour, Ed snagged a bottle of blood and hid it behind him as he quietly walked behind April. Elvira rambled on about the schools history and the types of classes they would be taking as she gave April and Ed a short tour. She showed them all over the house which had several floors for each year of fledgelings. They found it best to separate them by year to avoid any mishaps.

It didn't take long before Theo were back in his room. These two new commers weren't going to get away with humiliating him that way. He just had to come up with a good plan to get back at them.

He already had a few ideas as he were picking up his book before heading to class, already getting a little exited.

As they passed by Theo's room Ed looked at April who already knew what he was up to as she gave him a smirk of approval. April then walked beside Elvira and began asking questions to get her attention off Ed. Ed lagged behind them and placed the bottle of blood in front of the door then gently tapped on it before he quickly caught up to April and Elvira looking a bit nervous. However once he came back April turned around and gave him a raised eyebrow and a naughty smirk.

April: Ed?? Do we need to have you walk in front of us or do you prefer looking at us from behind?

April deliberately drew attention to Ed to let Theo know they were nearby and she liked teasing poor Ed since he was her pet.

Ed: But I .....I wasn't.

Elvira: Oh he is so cute when he gets embarrassed like that. Its okay Ed if you want to admire a lady's tush, but don't be so obvious about it alright. Otherwise it makes you a bit creepy.

April: But ya can't blame him right?? I mean you are rocking it pretty tight in that outfit. I wish I has more curves like yours.

Elvira: Oh thank you sweety, but I think you got it where it counts too. I mean lil Ed seems to be looking for your approval quite often. So if he ever did cheat on you I'm sure the guilt would haunt him.

Ed nervously gulped as he was intimidated by the two females.

Elvira: However if you ever get the urge to toss him aside, I just might feel like adopting a new pet.

April: I'll keep that in mind. However I need his brain to graduate first.

Elvira: So true. Just be careful. Not all the staff and students are as understanding as I am. Some have deep and dark issues.

April: So I've noticed.

April grabbed Ed's shirt and pulled him to her side as she was now between him and Elvira. They continued the tour and headed to set up their class schedule. Ed looked back wondering if Theo heard the knocking and the noise in the hallway.

Tag (Ed left a stolen blood bottle for Theo as an apology hoping to avoid getting killed)

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