Deal Or No Deal

Theo got dressed and then walked to the dining hall. He didn't really look for April and Ed this time, convinced that they probably hiding from him, but knew it was just a matter of time before he would run into them again.

He took he's usual portion of meat and a bottle of blood, and sat down by an empty table.

April scratched her belly as she yawned loudly. Ed found her unlady like behavior rather sad. he was embarrassed to admit he thought she was attractive however he was learning that women were a lot like guys in some ways. After hearing and seeing April and Elvira he learned that girls usually hid their shameful behavior when away from guys. So as of now he was seeing the real April and Elvira and the other girls were putting on a show to look like delicate flowers. The experience was quite eye opening for Ed as he wondered what April's real intentions were at this school. She made poor Ed carried her books for her in his backpack as they walked down the hall to the dining hall. Once at the dinning hall they grabbed their food and blood bottle and saw Theo sitting all alone.

She thought for a minute as she remembered Elvira had a meeting in the morning so she would not join them till lunch. Seeing that she needed to deal with Theo being a loose cannon, she nudged Ed to follow her go to sit with Theo. Ed was a bit apprehensive about the idea but reluctantly followed her as he avoided eye contact with Theo out of fear. April had a serious look as she approached the table Theo was at.

April: Yo.

She then she sat down in front of Theo and pulled Ed down to sit beside her. Then she slid her blood bottle towards Theo before she grabbed Ed's bottle and drank from it before giving it back to Ed. She looked at Theo with a serious expression.

April: As I see it we have a few options we can choose from. 1) You can let it go and we can pretend to get all chummy, 2) We can come to some beneficial arrangement that doesn't involve violence, or 3) We let this get out of hand till the adults get involved. Now you may be a blood addict, but I don't take you for a fool. You seem the the silent unpopular loner type who can deal with secrets. Now I won't pretend you're not gonna hold a grudge against me cause I'd prolly do the same, but as I see it fighting is only make both of us miserable. From what I'm told the worse thing they can do to us is kick us out of the school and that means death to any of us. So mull it over a bit and decide what route you prefer. I don't much care for beating around the bush when it comes to things like this so do be honest.

April was holding her fork and knife over he steak as she spoke to Theo. It was obvious she was prepared for a fight if need be, but she was hoping for a deal instead.


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