A new deal

Theo sighed annoyed when the took a seat in front of him. As she spoke he pretended to be listening with interest, but to him it all sounded really silly. Nonetheless he waited patiently for her to finish her little speech.

Theo: Are you done now? Good. You think you have everything figured out, but your wrong. And I not a grumpy loner, I just prefere to enjoy my dinner alone, okay?

He spoke in a calm voice, not even showing the least amount of anger.

Theo: And I really don't hope that you seriously belive that I'm just gonna accept one of your little plans. Why should I? Look at yourself. You guys are pathetic.

He smiled at them both.

Theo: A little girl that likes to play tough, but is afraid to be alone and her little 'girlfriend' that doesn't even have the guts to look at me. But luckily for you I'm in a good mood today, and it's a little early on the night to kill little kids, so I'm willing to give you two options on how you might gain my forgiveness. One; You give me your bottles of blood at every meal, every day, every year you're staying here. Or two; You bring me a good looking human girl to suck dry within the end of this week, and of course you're gonna clean up the mess. How does that sound to you?

He smiled at her with a confident smile waiting for her response.

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