What sweet music they make

Milly packed her bag quickly as the last bell of the day rung and she was finally free. "Weekend" she cheered with some others, not seeing the annoyed look the teacher gave her. Milly had not been able to sit quietly listening to a long lesson about the first World War and had disrupted class a few times. This was not uncommon on a Friday afternoon so the teacher had let it slip, glad that it was weekend himself.

Happy bustling her way outside Mildred put on her headphones and selected her favorite playlist. She hopped on her bike and cycled to her favorite spot on the whole planet: The studio with its loyal team that taught all sort of dance, art and music classes. It was a big building with inside its own little theatre, a tiny gallery, several sound proof rehearsal rooms and two big dance studios with mirror walls. The studio, its name "The Clap" in neon above the door was a bit rundown but that didn't matter to Milly.

"Take your places everyone" Annette said to her class as Milly just walked in. The jazz dance teacher smiled warmly at her young pupils and nodded to Mildred. Milly smiled back and cheerfully jumped to her place to start the routine.

A good hour later dance class was finished and Milly was content with her progress. She looked up when Annette her teacher walked over to her. "Milly I wanted to ask you something" "Yes?" replied her student. " Are you going to audition for the show of next season?" Mildred sighed and looked at her shoes " Would love to but I can't" Annette cocked her head and asked "Why not? You can do the dance, I know you can!"
"I know" Milly said nodding, "But I cannot try out for anything until I improve my grades. I promised my Mum. She knows I got some big tests coming up and she wants me to, you know.. focus" The look on Mildred's face was enough to show Annette how Mildred felt about that promise. " School work is important, but what am I to say if everyone asks for the star of the dance crew?" Milly shrugged "I don't know, I really want to, but I can't. Maybe I can talk to mom again?"

Ten minutes later Milly was on her way home. She had an hour to eat something before she had to be at the supermarket where she worked so she quickly reheated last night's leftovers. Fridays were always in a rush because everybody in the family had their own things to do and they would not be home all together until late in the evening. Mildred didn't really care, she seldom really hung out with her father and lately all she did with her mom was argue. Her two brothers had already moved out so she did not see them often anymore. Cycling to work Mildred kept thinking about the best way to convince her mom to let her go to the audition, but nothing came to mind. She sighed and put on her best fake smile as she sat herself behind the register. "Good day sir, that's 18,55 sir" It was going to be a long boring evening.

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