The Sting

April smiled back at Theo as he showed his true colors and gave them his ultimatum. She knew there was a good chance he would not accept her logic since he considered himself a top dog and saw them as mere pups.

April: I see Theodore Marriner is it???....(pause)..... so you are threatening us with extortion to give you our blood bottles for four years and or kidnap a human to feed on and then hide the body am I right?

Ed nodded as he was looking down at his lap.

April: So which choice should we go with? Hmmmmmmm.......if we choose the first one both lil Eddy and I starve and shrivel up like lil raisins. Then if we pick the second choice we risk our lives an innocent bystander and exposing ourselves to the law. Hmmmmmm.........either way I don't see much of a perk to your options.

Ed gave her a slight nod as he finally looked up at Theo. April smiled again as she looked at Theo.

April: Now before I give you my answer I must say I am flattered you see me as some innocent girl trying to be tough. Though you are way off the mark on that one, its been a long time since I had a compliment like that. Ya see most people, especially my relatives, the law and the schools see me as a big problem. Now granted I am not as smart like my pal Evil Eddy here when it comes ta books and stuff, but I have learned a thing or two living on the streets and in Juvie. Like for instance the lone wolf is by far the weakest of all wolves. The reason it is alone is because it is too old and weak to help the pack so they kick it out to keep it from slowing them down when hunting. What makes the wolf strong is its numbers. When you live on the streets and in Juvie it is the same as the wolf pack. You survive better with a stronger pack and take down the lone wolves strutting their stuff and picking on the pack.

Ed: Done.

Ed then got up with his food and a smart phone in his hand as he backed away from the table. Then April also got up with their food and Ed's blood as she backed away as well.

April: Well then now that we have had time to think it over I think we will choose option three. You see while I was giving you time to reconsider and back off, Evil Eddy here uploaded our recorded conversation to the Staff. Isn't technology amazing these days? Back in Juvie snitching was a big deal so the smart ones kept their traps shut and exploited the noisy ones for time off their sentence. Consider that bottle my last gift and warning to you. Oh and if you get any funny ideas of revenge, do keep in mind the Staff already knows about you......and Evil Eddy here has a beautiful brain that I do appreciate more than you know. Back on the streets when you wanted a junkie gone all you had to do was spike their stash and Evil Eddy here knows a lot about science.

April nudged Ed and she chuckled at Theo. Ed tried not to laugh so he held it in as he bit nudged her back. As they were walking off Elvira and two male teachers came into the dining hall to look around. After walking off April and Ed talked to Elvira and then joined her for the meal at a different table.

Tag (That was fun. I wish the others would join the game since they made characters after all.)


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