Coven Recruiting

April nudged Ed and she chuckled at Theo. Ed tried not to laugh so he held it in as he bit nudged her back. As they were walking off Elvira and two male teachers came into the dining hall to look around. After walking off April and Ed talked to Elvira and then joined her for the meal at a different table.

While they were eating and sharing their bottle of blood, April and Ed were talking shop with Elvira.

Elvira: Wow I must admit I am amazed you two pulled such a bold move with a red fledging.

April: I was a something I picked up in Juvie.

Elvira: Really now? And I see you are corrupting young Ed now.

April: Well in Juvie smart people are rare and very valuable. Some use them to make booze and drugs. Some use them for communications and networking and other use them to do behind the scenes stuff.

Elvira: Aren't we the little Vixen?

April: You're gonna make me blush.

Ed: Ummmm.. Elvira? I was going over the texts and I noticed a section on familiars. Exactly how do we acquire them?

Elvira: Hmmmmm........ Well let me see as I recall, there is a tradition that each fledgling and vampyre has a single cat at a time, which is an animal strongly connected to Nyx, as a companion and a treasured pet. They are great at keeping you sane on lonely nights. The fact that some like myself, have a non cat species presumably not associated with Nyx, is shocking and frowned upon by most of vampyre society. Of course I have a few familiars that are cats as well and they keep my home in order The bond between a familiar and a vampyre is very strong. As for acquiring one I believe the best way is through a coven. You will need a minimum of three in a coven to make a magic circle according to your text books and perform a Spell of Calling which will summon your first familiar to you in time. As for how they show up it will vary on several factors as in season, power level, time of night and yadda yadda yadda. Basically the stronger you get the more familiars you can handle. However as I see it you will need a third Fledgling, once you can figure out the right spell.

Ed: I see.

April: Evil Eddy here has been hard at work.

Ed: Do you really need to call me that?

Elvira: You know it is hard to believe you don't like it when she calls you that when you blush like that everytime.

April: Eventually you will own up to that name......and when you do.......I'll be your first.

Ed: My first what??...(April smirked slyly as she raised her eyebrow at him) ....Oh you mean that first.

Elvira: No pressure huh?

Ed: (Blushed) Yeah no pressure.

April: So we need a third fledgling huh?

Elvira: Yeppers. Sine you are a wind and Ed here is a water you will need to shoot of a fire and or earth fledgling for your coven. It works better with four but you can get by with three. But I gotta tell you both covens begin forming fast once word gets around so its best to recruit them when you can. There are a few covens who will hog as many members as they can in order to keep others under their thumb. That tradition is long and old....much like my ex boyfriend.

April busted out laughing with Elvira after the tasteless joke while poor Ed turned red with embarrassment. Once again he was learning that females were just as bad as guys in many ways. April and Ed began looking around the dinning hall for possible coven recruits.

Tag (Looking to possibly recruit Reagan for their coven)

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