Home sweet house

For the most part, Reagan had settled into a routine at the new boarding school, and by routine, she meant that she hated it slightly less than when she first started. Making friends was still on the difficult side. Back home, her hockey team had moved on. She'd at first managed to keep in touch with a few of her teammates, but it was more polite communication since she'd been afflicted, as if associating with her would contaminate them as well. She didn't know which was worse, her good friends acting like she was patient zero, or people she barely knew pretending to care because they wanted morbid details. Screw them all.

It was hard to find her niche here at this school. Hockey and skating had pretty much defined her, but the only sports she imagined were here were blood letting and going at it. PDA's were rampant. It made sense, everyone here was totally gorgeous, like a teen drama on TV. No one had braces or was overweight or teeming with acne. Her own skin was clear, and even her hair, once flyaway and only tamed by wearing hats grew longer, silkier in the short time she'd been there. She still wore a beanie, pulled down to cover the green crescent on her forehead most days. that wasn't the only change, though. Her senses were all amp'd up, and her sleep schedule was hell. Normally she was up before sunrise every day, and now that's just when she started going to sleep. It wasn't all bad, there were plenty of upsides and all. Strength, speed, they were still learning in classes what they were capable of. The only thing missing that she inwardly craved was the social camaraderie she had with her teammates and schoolmates back home. Lone wolf was never her style. Solitude was a bitter pill to swallow, but one she'd resigned herself to for the time being.

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