Recruiting 101

As April and Ed were pondering on who would make a third or fourth member of their coven they soon realized this school was very much like any other high school in that it had various cliques such as the popular kids, the jocks and the delinquents. However unlike the regular school there were no band geeks and very few nerds since just about everyone was attractive or improving their looks daily. Ed was no stud but he was nowhere near the level of ugly or plain. April looked like a bad girl, but even she was attractive. Between classes Ed and April would discuss the other possible kids they could talk to.

Ed: What about her?

April: Who?

Ed: That one.

April: The barbie doll in blue?

Ed: Yeah her.

April: You have a thing for blue eyed blondes don't you.


April glared him down as she raised her eyebrow at him till he caved in.

Ed: Ok okay. Don't judge me.

April: Ha! You can be such a guy sometimes.

Ed: You say that like its a bad thing.

April: It is when you are thinking with your other brain. We need a team player Evil Eddy, not a barbie doll that will piss me off for the role of coven leader. Use that beautiful brain of yours to look for a better choice. I know this may sound funny coming from a female, but looks are not important.

Ed: So what are we looking for then?

April: Well have you noticed the barbie dolls and ken dolls avoid us for the most part?

Ed: Yeah but I thought it was because we got into it with red Theo.

April: Well I'm sure that didn't help, but its because we are the delinquents and rejects. So rather than the cool kids and jocks we should be looking for others who don't fit in like us.

Ed: Okay that makes sense.

April: Oh you should be careful to avoid the barbie dolls in the future without me around.

Ed: Why so?

April: When you were in regular high school how did the girls treat you then?

Ed: Like crap. They would trick me into a date and have their boyfriends kick my @ss.

April: Well I doubt this place is any different.

Ed: Oh........Well that sucks.

April: Yes it does.

Ed: So are all girls like that?

April: Nope.

April looked at Ed seriously with a sly smile.

April: Wanna know when a girl likes you Evil Eddy?

Ed: Yes.

April: When she sticks around despite having a much better choice.

Ed: Must you call me that?

April: Stop being a wuss and man up for me. Now we need to find someone who is like us.

Ed: Well how about her?

April: The one one in gray? Seriously?

Ed: No the one in the beanie.

April: Hmmmmm......good eye. Lets talk to her.

April and Ed walked over to Reagan.

April: Sup? Are you in a coven yet?


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