Cliques and Covens

April and Ed walked over to Reagan.

April: Sup? Are you in a coven yet?

Reagan tapped her pencil against a pad of paper, first making sure the two people who approached were talking to her by looking over her shoulder. As she was the only one on that end of the table, she assumed they were.

"I was holding out for the Daughter's of Night..." She kidded with a shrug, "But, uh, no. I didn't know I had to be. I'm Reagan." They may have said something like that in one of her classes, she usually tried to pay attention because so far every lesson ended with words like "Or you will die." Apparently, not everyone survived 'the change.' It wasn't like regular school where if you failed a vocab test the worst that would happen would be a note home. Everything here was so... dire. Dramatic. Maybe a coven was like a clique? She hadn't found one yet. And so far, these were the only two people that went out of their way to talk to her, not that she'd put much of an effort into that herself. Maybe they had potential.

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