Just A Girl In The World

April grew up in a troubled home. The main problem was that her parents only got married because they got pregnant at an early age and were not really in love. Her parents Jack and Jane Summers were always fighting and her mom treated April like she was the source of her misery. April's mom was a teen model till she got pregnant in her senior year of high school and her career went into the toilet. Since Jane had a C-Section during birth, her figure never properly recovered and she had a big scar on her stomach which was unwanted by the model agency. To make things worse Jane was disowned by her family for getting knocked up by Jack. Jack got his GED and managed to get a job as a Garbage Man with help from a friend's father.

April loved her father who spent the most time with her and spoiled her a bit. Jack used to be a juvenile delinquent and loved to have fun without using money. Jane hated being poor and overweight so she blamed Jack and April for her life being miserable. Since they fought a lot, April would avoid going home as much as possible and after being brought home in a squad car several times the parents were forced by the court to attend couples counseling. They didn't like it but went in order to keep April from being taken away into a foster home. Jack was the main one working hard to protect April so he was willing to do anything for her. At this point April was now in the sixth grade and barely passing so she was forced to stay late for tutoring. Since she wanted to be like her dad April became a tomboy and only hung out with boys.

The family counseling went on for six months until one fated day where April came home late from school to see a squad car in her drive way waiting for her. Since the cops knew her on a fist name basis they wanted to tell her in person that her parents were killed in an accident. Apparently a drug dealer was speeding to avoid being arrested and crashed into the car of her parents. All three died in the accident and they would need to find a relative to take April in. The cops did their best to comfort April but at this point it was a bit late.

April never cried as she went numb on the inside. She hated her mom but worshiped her father. He was like a big kid and she would never see him smile again. She looked through the house and took a picture of her and her father at the company Christmas party so she could remember him. Believing that she was never going to see her home again she took whatever money and jewelry left behind since she considered running away. While looking around she packed her dad's leather coat, his necklace with dog tags and his favorite sunglasses along with her clothes and her only stuffed animal which was a zombie cat. After packing her stuff in a bag she was taken to the police station till they could find her next of kin.

Jack's parents died a few years after she was born in a plane crash and Jane's family cut off ties before April was born so the police had to do a lot of work to track any of them down. That night April spent the night on the Captain's couch. It broke the cops heart to see April loose everything so quickly. The next day she was picked up by a distant cousin willing to take her in. For the next few years April was passed on from relative to relative since she was anti social and a delinquent tomboy.

As she grew up on her own she learned to fend for herself, but developed terrible social skills. She acted like a typical guy and had no interest in being a girly girl. Since she hated her relatives she stayed out late skateboarding to avoid talking to them.

Some how April managed to make it into high school since it was easier to let her pass than keep her in middle school. As she entered high school she soon realized the only crowd she fit in with was the delinquents and skaters. She often stayed late at the public skate park in order to avoid going home. Since she was on government aid, her school breakfast and lunches were free so she would double up on lunch so she could save one for dinner. Since most of the skaters were poor losers they never judged her lifestyle. April continued this lifestyle for three months until one day she was stalked and attacked by a creepy old guy on her way home. She tried to skate away from him, but oddly enough he was able to keep up with her on foot while walking. What really scared her about the stalker was his red glowing eyes. April skated for dear life as she tried to get home.

Unfortunately she was caught by her stalker on bridge above a small river. The stalker toyed with her as he smacked her around a bit. She fought back despite his scary primal face, sharp teeth and red glowing eyes. She didn't know what a vampire was so she considered him a freak. Finally he got a hold of her and was going to bite her till she reached into her coat pocket and shoved a bag of garlic cheese chips in his mouth. It was her favorite snack even though it made her stink a bit but she was desperate to escape. Ironically as the stalker bit the chip bag, it tossed April to the side and screamed in pain grasping its throat.

April quickly grabbed her skateboard to escape when she saw a semi truck speeding towards them. April quickly moved to the side to avoid getting hit while the stalker failed to notice the large truck coming right at him. April heard a loud thump as the semi truck nailed the stalker and knocked him into the river as it passed by without stopping. April saw this as her chance to escape as she skated home in pain. She managed to get away despite some cuts and bruises. When she got home she found it was empty except for her stuff in some duffel bags in the living room. On one of the bags was a note.

To April,

By the time you read this note Maggie and I will be gone. My company paid me well to relocate to Canada. I tried to tell you this week, but you don't like coming home or talking to us so I never got the chance to tell you. I called your Aunt Helen and she will take you back if you can behave yourself this time. I left a hundred bucks and Aunt Helen's contact info in your bag so you can buy a bus ticket to your Aunt's house and some food. You need to leave by tomorrow afternoon since the realtor is coming over to change the locks and prepare the house for the new owners. Sorry things didn't work out kiddo. Best of luck.

Your cousin,
Michael Franks

April sighed as she dropped the note on the floor. She was feeling real crappy and needed to wash her wounds. She still had a few bags of chips and a lot of raisin boxes in her backpack she collected from school. Like many schools they had a donation table where students would drop off the food they didn't want to eat for anyone one else instead of trashing it. Most of the time it was the little raisin boxes found on the table since they were not very popular. April took advantage of that and collected them before leaving the lunch room into her backpack. It was free food and she made the best of it. After going through her bags she found some clean clothes, a first aid kit and a towel.

She gave a painful smile as she wished she was nicer to Michael. Out of all the relatives that took her in he was the only one she felt really tried to reach out to her. His wife Maggie hated her and saw her as a problem child which caused tension with Michael. Oddly enough it reminded her to much of her old home which was most likely why she stayed out so late. When she got to the bathroom she saw some hotel shampoo, conditioner and soap bottles in the tub. She knew Michael hid them in there for her. He always did little things like that for her. Often he would leave things she needed like new shoes on her bed without saying a word. She hated the fact that he was nice to her because it made it hard to know he was gone for good now. After cleaning herself and her wounds in the shower she packed up the hotel shampoo, conditioner and soap bottles into her bag and used the first aid kit to bandage her wounds.

Once she was dressed she went through the bags to see what she had to work with. She found all her clothes and personal belongings. She also found an envelope with five, twenty dollar bills for the bus fair and Aunt Helen's info on the envelope. There was also an old sleeping bag and a small pillow for the night. She also found a bag with cold fries and chicken nuggets from a fast food joint as well as a six pack of cokes. She chuckled as she shook her head that Michael did it again. Right now she really did miss him but it was to late. So she repacked her bags and ate her last meal in that house before she opened up her sleeping bag to crash out. As she laid her sore body down she stared up at the ceiling and wondered if her life would ever get any better.


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