These Are The People In Your Neighborhood

April and Ed walked over to Reagan.

April: Sup? Are you in a coven yet?

Reagan tapped her pencil against a pad of paper, first making sure the two people who approached were talking to her by looking over her shoulder. As she was the only one on that end of the table, she assumed they were.

"I was holding out for the Daughter's of Night..." She kidded with a shrug, "But, uh, no. I didn't know I had to be. I'm Reagan." They may have said something like that in one of her classes, she usually tried to pay attention because so far every lesson ended with words like "Or you will die." Apparently, not everyone survived 'the change.' It wasn't like regular school where if you failed a vocab test the worst that would happen would be a note home. Everything here was so... dire. Dramatic. Maybe a coven was like a clique? She hadn't found one yet. And so far, these were the only two people that went out of their way to talk to her, not that she'd put much of an effort into that herself. Maybe they had potential.

April: Ha! (looking at Ed) She's funny.

Ed: Yeah well since we are fresh fish we are learning the hard way by either sink or swim.

April elbowed Ed in the ribs with sad look on her face.

April: Boo! That joke was bad Evil Eddy.

Ed: Well I thought it was witty.

April: More like half witty. Ohhhhh burn!

Ed: Ha ha ha okay okay you got me on that one........anyway I'm Ed and this is spunky delinquent is April. We were told by the teachers we can't do spell training without a coven and the minimum for one is three members.

April: So we are looking for a few new members who would fit in with us rather than the stuck up Barbie and Ken dolls around here. As you can see even this school has its cliques.

Finally the class came to an end. Theo left right away, eager to make the most of this break he now had. He went back to the dining hall and just as expected, April and Ed were still hanging around.

He walked straight up to them and gave them all a smile.

Theo: Well, well, well. If it isn't my two little friends.

He smiled at April and Ed, as he casually took a seat next to Reagan. It was obvious he were being sarcastic, acting much more as his usual self which they hadn't seen much off.

Theo: Already done planning your next brilliant thing? I can't wait to hear what it is this time.

This might be even more fun than he had expected.

He then placed a arm around Reagans shoulders and looked at her with a friendly smile.

Theo: I don't think I've seen you before, sweetie. Are those two your friends?

He said while giving a slight nod towards April and Ed.

April and Ed looked at Theo who was smiling like a Cheshire Cat up to no good. It was totally obvious he had bad intentions so April and Ed watched him try to be friendly with Reagan. April decided to raise her voice so the others around her could hear them.

April: Wow that is so creepy of you Red Theo! Just flirting with a unknown girl out of the blue just to make me jealous in public?! I guess in this society, being male and an @sshole makes you worthy of our time! So I guess in your pea sized brain we ramble on saying "I want you, I *need* you, oh baby, oh baby." What is it, @sshole Day?!

Ed: Dude really? Even I don't do that. At least I learned my lesson the first time after my testicle retrieval operation went quite well.

April: So did she get in trouble too?

Ed: No! she still maintained that I kicked myself in the balls. Yeah she has always been a.....

April: bit Tempestuous?

Ed: "Heinous b!tch" is the term I use most often. Any way back to this not so smooth guy.

April: I guess he thinks he is a romantic vampyre version of Hemingway or something.

Ed: Romantic? Hemingway? He was an abusive, alcoholic misogynist who squandered half of his life hanging around Picasso trying to nail his leftovers.

April: Really? That's funny!

Ed: Yeah but you have to read a lot more books to figure that out.

April then turned her attention back to Theo who seemed to be waiting impatiently for her attention.

April: Hmmmmmm....I'll keep that in mind E. Anyhow I'm April Summers and I am a delinquent skater girl. (pointing at Ed) This here is Edward Thompson aka Evil Eddy who is an awkward but brilliant nerd boy still going through the big change, but since I like his brain I keep him around anyway.

April: (Pointing at Theo) And last and very least the extremely creepy guy hitting on you as if he was a long time inadequate wannabe lover is Theodore Marriner a Red Fledgling who likes seducing young maidens so he can steal their blood bottles and threaten them to illegally kidnap human girls so he can drink them dry in his room. Oh and he also likes to bully others around if he doesn't get his way. As you can see he is hoping to get back at me because I didn't bow down and worship his three inch amigo like he expects all females to do. Apparently he doesn't know it takes more than a pretty face and a small flaccid tool to make my heart swoon. So feel free to put him in his place by smacking him in the nose with a newspaper or a chair.

April smiled at Theo waiting for him to respond as Ed nudged her side as he put his phone back in his pocket. After a few seconds Elvira came out to eat with April and Ed as she waved at them. April gestured for Elvira to join them. Apparently Ed texted Elvira while April was talking to Theo.

April: Don't you have D-Hall or something Theo? Or do you plan on showing your bad side again?


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