Gossip and A Meal

Theo just sat quietly and waited for them to finish their little speech. He showed absolutely no signs of the immense amount of anger he were building up inside of him.

"Oh, so many harsh words in so little time. I even think it is a new record" he put on a fake sad face as he looked at April. "You know that actually really hurts"

Then his face turned more serious "I came here to try to start over, giving our friendship a new chance and then you just verbally attack me like that? And you're trying to make me look like the bad guy?"

He looked at Reagan "I do apologise for their behaviour. They just haven't quite adapted to this way of life yet"

The fact that April and Ed called upon Elvira didn't worry him at all. After all, he hadn't done anything wrong, but April were getting close at passing that line.

April and Ed looked at each other then back at Theo. It was obvious he was up to something, but it was hard to tell at this point. April crossed her arms as she cocked her head to the side.

April: Are you high?

Reagan looked between April, Ed and Theo as they went at it, unsure if they were friends, enemies, or frienemies, deciding it was most likely the latter. It was as uncomfortable as it was interesting listening to their banter, there was obviously a lot of bad blood between them. A third girl showed up, if there was going to be a fight, she'd have a front row seat. Not knowing any of them, it was tough to tell who was in the right, but either way, it was anything but boring.

"Reagan." She interrupted. "Rhodes. Not totally adapted yet either. And I skate." She offered, for April's benefit. It was always good to find common ground.

April then smiled as she ignored Theo and became interested in Reagan Rhodes.

April: Sweet. Maybe we can find a decent place to skate around here. Assuming we can leave the house for a bit or maybe build a ramp of sorts. Hopefully the leech will get bored and go away. (looking at Theo)

Ed: Your not serious about the ramp are you?

April: I find it amazing how you are able to read my mind lately. It's almost like you want to earn so major brownie points with us.

Ed: Oh snap! You are gonna make me do it aren't you?

April: You are such a good boy Evil Eddy.

Ed: Yeah Yeah whatever.

April: Anyway we can eat together and talk it over. Eddy be a gentleman and get me some food please.

Ed: Now you say please. Sheesh!

April: Oh and you were doing so well to earn some brownie points.

Ed: Okay okay you win I'll do it.

April: It makes me happy when you say it that way.

Ed: Yeah yeah I'll be back.

April sat in front of Reagan to chat with her while Theo was being an awkward third wheel. While they were talking Ed got in line with Elvira the nurse/spells teacher.

Elvira: Hey Eddy is everything alright?

Ed: Yeah I think, but Theo is being weird.

Elvira: How so?

Ed: He is being very nice and polite.

Elvira: Really? Seriously? We are talking about Theodore Marriner the red right?

Ed: Yeah maybe he turned over a new leaf.

Elvira: And maybe you're a Japanese Jet Pilot.

Ed: Touche'. But we can't report him for being nice.

Elvira: Yeah that would be a hard sell. So who is April talking to?

Ed: Oh she is Reagan Rhodes apparently she is also having trouble fitting in and she likes to skate so April plans on making me score her a skate ramp or park or something for them to skate on.

Elvira: Oh poor baby. She is bullying you again huh?

Ed: Story of my life. Girls always use and abuse me.

Elvira: Yeah but I think its different with April.

Ed: How so?

Elvira: Don't tell her I said anything but I think there is a small but possible chance she might see you more than just a slave or a friend.

Ed: Noooooo..really?

Elvira: Now don't hold me to it, but if you keep earning those brownie points you really might just break out of the friend zone if you know what I mean.

Ed: Wow I might have a chance with April?

Elvira: If you play your cards right.

Ed: You're not just messing with me right?

Elvira: Sweetie just be there for her and things might just work out for you both. Capeesh?

Ed: Okay.

After picking out their food and headed back to sit with Reagan and April, Ed passed April her food and sat next to her so Elvira sat on the other side of April. This left Theo to sit next to Reagan.

Elvira: Oh hey. I'm Elvira the school Nurse and part time teacher for Spells, but some know me as the Mistress of the Dark. I know its a bit corny seeing a campy vamp on tv but hey it paid the bills quite well. Don't mind me I like eating with these two since they amuse me.

April: She is a sweetheart and the one who was telling me to get a coven started so we can properly practice our spells and stuff.

Elvira: Well yeah as long as you stick to the rules and proper spells, I don't see any problem. Of course since you are all new here, with the exception of Theo who is a 2nd year, you may notice some of the other students are being recruited by the older covens. However like all schools they all end up in similar cliques and avoid those who don't fit in.

April: Which is why we are looking for members to make a new coven so we don't get hazed by the others. So what do you think Reagan.

April was deliberately ignoring Theo hoping he would take a hint, but knew he was up to something.


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