"We should do this more often." Reagan offered when the movie credits started rolling. "All of us, I mean. I know tomorrow we'll be back to working on spells and in macabre classes, but maybe once a week we can take a break and just be normal."
"Oh, Jasmine, can we just be normal?" Sabine said in a mocking tone as she and four of the dark daughters descended into the room. "We'll have a sleepover, you can braid my hair!" Reagan sat up, feeling her face grow hot with embarrassment. Seeing Tilliama with them, Sabine smiled. "Oh relax, Ramona, I'm just kidding. I think it's nice that your little coven has to get together's. "
"It's Reaga...."
"Sorry to disturb," she said, turning her attention to Tilliama. "Catherine was asking about Saber. I take it since he's not with you, he's still sleeping soundly?"

She looked over at the sudden interruption. "Her name is Reagan, not Ramona." She said nodding at Reagan. "It's only a joke if everyone finds it funny. And yes, he is still sleeping," she said, tucking her phone back in her pocket. "Something tells me that's not the only reason you came over here though. What's up?"

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