"We were going to have a meeting tonight, but the dark sons were a little busy, so we're postponing. No nefarious ulterior motive, we just came down to watch some television. Season finale of True Blood, we like to see how wrong they get things. You're of course, welcome to stay.".......
Ed winked at April, Reagan and Tilli as he put in the Mighty Ducks movie and sat down on the floor between April and Reagan again. As he was sitting down he noticed the small bulge in Reagan's sock. He then realized that was where she kept her bracelet. He grinned a bit as he grabbed some popcorn and began nibbling as the movie came on.

She couldn't help but snicker at Ed as he plonked back onto the ground.
"Well, I think that, as much as True Blood is ridiculous, we were here with our movies first, I'll set it to record for you Sabine. Mighty Duck is Ed's choice, Aladdin was mine. Its only fair, let me know when that meeting gets rescheduled for, I'm sure that it will be very...informative." She said smiling at Sabine and relaxing back into the sofa when she saw Ed's elemental standing guard above.

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