Mighty Quackers

Ed: Oh before I forget April your laptop will be here in a week or two. I'll let you have it after I configure the WI-Fi and the settings. Last thing we want is you erasing something important.
April nudged Ed's ribs as she gave him a friendly glare.
April: Are you implying I am not computer savvy.
Ed: I would never say that.......to your face.
April: Oh really now? Looks like Evil Eddy is being a bad boy. I'd take you over my knee, but I have a feeling you might like that.
Ed: Only one way to find out.
April: Nice try Evil Eddy. It'll take more than a laptop to gain passage to my pleasure palace.
Ed chuckled hard as he choked on his popcorn. He drank some soda to wash it down as he calmed down.
Ed: Don't make me laugh when I am eating popcorn. I was really choking that time.
April: Sorry Ed. But you deserved it for being bad.
Ed: Meh.......Well, what do you ladies think of the Mighty Duck? I thought it was appropriate since it's a movie about the underdogs overcoming the top dogs.

She chuckled a bit, stretching and standing up. "As appropriate as it is, there's something that I gotta take care of, I'll catch up with you guys a bit later. Sorry that I can't stick around for the movie."
Walking out from the commons, she made her way to the office belonging to the High Priestess and knocked, waiting outside patiently.

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