"This is one of my fav's." Reagan said of the movie. "Slapshot is probably my favorite favorite, because it's the funniest. I love the Hanson brothers. Not Mmm bop Hansen, the Hansons in the movie. I had like the biggest crush on Joshua Jackson after seeing this movie for the first time. Catch you later, Tilliama. I'll let you know how the movie turns out. "

Jack sat on the floor between April and Reagan who were on the couch as he snacked on popcorn and soda. He already had his fill of blood and was in the mood to vege out with his coven. As he watched the silly movie about a bunch of losers turn into a good hockey team and take down the well bought winning team.

He was more amused by Reagan's replies and quips than the actual movie. She really did love her hockey and it was a part of her for better or worse. He knew that April and Reagan would be worried that he would move on since he was now a vampyre and strong in his water element. However he had no plans to bail since he still planned to graduate and start taking online college courses during his sophomore year which was just around the corner. During his research he found a way to take credited online classes he could easily transfer to any decent college so it would cut down on the number of classes he would need to take or test out of after graduation. By testing out of a class he could get instant credit without loosing anytime. Since he had a photographic memory he didn't seem to concerned about the exams. He finally found friends and gained a strong reputation that only could exist in a dream. He liked having a new coven and planned on helping April and Reagan make it grow strong enough to rival the DOD and SOD. He toyed with a few names to call their coven later on when it was big enough to name. He liked the "Misfits of Darkness" since it suited them since they didn't fit in other clubs. He also had plans to take Elvira up on her offer after graduation since she was the ideal MILF in his world. Eventually the movie ended and the Ducks won the championship.

April then got up and smirked as she put in her movie. Then she pushed play and sat down as she giggled.

April: This is my fav.........One of my pals showed it to me and its the only movie I actually own.

Ed: What is it?

April: The Lords Of Dogtown. Its the legend of where skateboarding took off.

Ed: This should be interesting.

April: Of course.

The movie came on as they saw the antics of the crew of adrenaline junkies get their kicks doing insane stunts.

The movie had a lot of entertaining moments as the group of friends were constantly trying to one up each other. A drought in 1970s Southern California has an unexpected side effect, as people empty their swimming pools, a group of teen surfers from the Dogtown area of Venice Beach move in with skateboards, and a new sport is born. Based on a true story, this film follows "Z-Boys" skate team members Stacy Peralta, Tony Alva and Jay Adams, plus manager Skip Engblom, as their fearless "pool surfing" leads to fame, fortune -- and misfortune.

In the end Ed clapped as he was amused by the movie.

Ed: Wow so this was based on a true story?

April: Yeah.

Ed: did you want to watch more or do something else? We have been at it for six hours now and I think my butt fell asleep.


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