"I up for one more." Reagan said, yawning and cracking her neck. "We watched something Tili chose, Mighty Ducks was my kind of movie, LoD for April, and I know you have to have something Space themed or involving time travel or something.... you. " It was only fair, he'd suffered through their interests, and she wanted to give his a shot. "C'mon, we'll make room for you on the couch. " She patted the seat next to her so he wouldn't have to sit on the floor. There was room for him plus Nagi, even though Reagan would still kind of keep her distance from the giant snake.

"What's the Ed'est Ed movie you have?"

Ed chuckled as he brought up his NextFlicks account on the television and loaded up a choice movie as he stood up and stretched and then sat between April and Reagan. He left Nagi on the floor as she coiled up and appeared to be sleeping. He chuckled as he spoke up.

Ed: Well thank you ladies for the seat. I must admit it is nice to chill like this with you both and I hope to have many more days like this with you.

He hoped this would let them know he was in the coven for the long haul. Then he played the movie as he spoke up.

Ed: Well ladies this is a personal fav of mine. It is campy and gory but it is a classic. I bring you The Army of Darkness.

The movie took place after the movie called Evil Dead and was very campy as Ash was taken to the past via a hell portal.

There Ash was confronted by the war between man and the undead.

Ash was a major wind bag who kept making things worse by his arrogance and the odds kept stacking up against him.

At the end of the movie Ash saved the day and was telling his tale to a fellow employee till a demon tried to kill him. However he quickly saved the day with his arrogant heroism.

Ed was chuckling through most of the movie as he found it very funny. It was obvious his nerdyness had not left him despite the change. He was in high spirits as they watched the movie.

Ed: I know it is an acquired taste but Bruce Cambell is pretty funny when he acts tough. I kinda relate to that in a way you know?


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