New on the job

“Oh, thanks” he said with a kind smile. He still hadn’t quite gotten use to the thought of actually being a teacher and to be honest he was a little nervous about the responsibility the came with the job.

He could hear how her heart was beating faster, but tried to pretend that he hadn’t noticed. She really was cute, but he couldn’t allow himself to think of her that way now that he had become a teacher and he was way older than her.

He gave a glance down his clothes to make sure he hopefully didn’t look too scruffy. Though he had put on the finest clothes he had it was really old and worn, but that was the best he had. In his effort to look more teacher-like he had even taken his beanie off and tried to comb his hair, though that was impossible to see. Then he looked up and met her eyes with a small smile “Uhm… I think I’m ready”. As he stepped out the door to his room, Lily followed and gave him a wondering glare You look ridiculous. Thanks for the support... he said back to her in his mind.

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