A voice is the sadness

Once in the bathroom she unbuttons her shirt and took it off, she turned on the hot water and started trying to scrub the blood out. She glanced at her self in the mirror and saw the marks and dry blood on her neck, sadness filled her chest, she had seen this before many times. Though these were not marks of a fledgling, they were more clear and precise these were marks of a vampyre. How had this gotten to this point? They had broken one of the biggest rules of any house. She really was trouble, she was already being punished for things in her past, if they were caught she would probably die by the hands of the council. She looked back down and focused on her shirt "Blood suits you" She heard a males voice echo in her head, she jumped and spun around, knocking the soap stand of the sink, making a loud noise as it fell "Do not fret child you will see me soon enough...make sure to save some of that blood for me" The voice said in a low growl, Mei ran from the bathroom and into the other room completely forgetting she had no top on, just her bra..

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