Calm down/Growl

Gawain tried to stay calm by looking down at his shoes and taking a few deep breaths. This actually made him loos a lot more calm, though he could still his heart racing in his chest.

Not long after the ceremony had begun, Lily sneaked into the room. Quietly she sniffed her way to Mei and sat down next to her. She looked us at Gawain and could all too easy see how much he was suffering. Calm down. Nothing's going to happen she tried to say to him in his mind. This made him look up from the floor in surprise and look towards her, but it didn't seem to soothe his nerves that much.


Theo growled a little when she moved away, but didn't let go.
It surprised him a lot when he heard her voice in his head, but still he didn't let go of her and kept drinking.

When she started to talk about how she would know how he was feeling and that he growled a little again as his way of showing his annoyance. At the same time, but also because that had moved, he had to almost chew a little into her neck to get a better grip and make the blood flow faster.

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