#1 Applying.

Check the masterlist to make sure that the faceclaim that you wish to use is available for RP.

Fill the application provided in this section using an active AFF account.
Once you're accepted, add the admins of the group on Facebook. Only add the other members of the group after you've been added to all the groups and have been introduced by one of the admins.
Add @We Got Married RP to your about me section on your Facebook profile. Remove any member from your previous RP groups. We do regular friendlist check ups to make sure no one who isn't part of the RP is a contact of our members. Keep your friend list visible for admins. This is a closed RP.

#2 General rules.

General: Respect everyone IC and OOC - No personal info sharing - No propaganda - No promotions.

Literacy: No one-lines - Keep TXT and SNS to a minimum - No OOC talk outside of the OOC group.

Activity: At least one post per 10 day period ( SNS and TXT ) - Must have at least 1 ongoing post with another RPer.

Privacy: Friendlist must be viewable by everyone - No non-members - No non-RPers -This is a private group.

Interactions: This is not a romance or smut oriented group - Keep smut and sexual innuendo between you and the other party involved as private posts or on inbox - No pregnancy - No children.

*Note: Relationships are accepted but there's a two week ban on relationships for new members to prevent face-chasing. Important: Rape and sexual violence isn't allowed in this group.

**Note: Welcoming new members isn't mandatory, so feel free to introduce yourself or talk to everyone in the group. Cliques are inevitable, but we do encourage all members to talk to new members and those who aren't part of their clique. Put the word Starlight as password.

***Note: Respect everyone in this group, that is the golden rule. Don't attack anybody IC or OOC nor push your personal agenda or beliefs on anybody. If you're too sensitive about certain topics, don't join this group because we don't have the obligation to cater to anyone's needs nor do we want to create a restrictive atmosphere that makes others feel uncomfortable because someone is too overly-sensitive.

#3 Other things.

If you get security checked, inform an admin on Tumblr or AFF; failing to do so after 3 days will get you removed from the group.
Activity of members will be checked through timeline posts -Changing DP, making photo albums, liking posts, won't count as activity.-
From time to time we'll hold activity checks to make sure everyone is around.
Two accounts are the maximum that will be allowed for each member to have within the group; experience has taught us that three or more can overwhelm the RPer and will lead to neglect of one or more of the accounts.Put ★ at the end of your application to make sure you read the rules.
Don't promote other RP groups in public nor try to get our members to leave for other RP groups, that is a big disrespect for the admins who're keeping things running in the group. If you want to affiliate say so through PMs to an admin.

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