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Summary: The whiskey and the pretty lady warming him, Liam forgot he was sopposed to meet someone, somewhere.

Liam O'Keefe

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Gender: Male

Age: 24

Group: ODIN Field Agents




Weapons of all types, Brawling



Physical Appearance

6'5", muscular, would rather be in sports attire, uncomfortable dressed up, wavy blond hair


Has a philosophy of life based upon The 3 W's (Whiskey, Weapons, Women)


Justin's father was a NYPD captain that was killed in the line of duty. Although the case was never solved, it is supposed that a mob boss named Sal Giordano was responsible.

He has a younger sister Megan O'Keefe, of whom he promised his father to protect and look after. He affectionately calls he Megs. She was their father's princess.

He also has two older brothers, Mickey Jr and Miles, who are current members of the NYPD. They are currently trying to solve their father's murder on the side.

Justin attempted to join the NYPD. They valued his knowledge of weapons. However, the 3Ws interfered and he was dropped from the academy. ODIN may be his only chance.

Major Flaws/Medical Conditions

Often times allows one of the 3 W's to interfere with his mission.

Haunted by dreams of father's death.

Also dreams of killing Sal Giordano.


See the 3 W's

Looking after sister (a promise to his father)

Favourite Sayings

I love whiskey, weapons, and women. Not necessarily in that order.

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Image of Liam O'Keefe
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