Life in the fast lane Pt. 17

"RIGHT!" responded the Black Ranger, dodging his attack. He spun around quickly to make certain that the Valdterrans were not able to sneak in behind any of the Rangers and surprise them.

Billy took a defensive stance, and flipped to avoid an attack. Grabbing Trini by the wrists, he swung her around to kick into the nearest attacker. Trini's feet connected, and with the added speed of the amulet, sent the attacker flying.

"One down..." Trini began.

"Too many to go." Billy finished. In between fighting, the three rangers ushered any
The pink and red rangers were holding their own as well. With the help of the speed amulet, the Pink Ranger back flip kicked one of the Valdterran's square in the jaw, deflecting the attack of a second.
Everything looked like a blur.

"Jason!" She called, as one of the Valdterran Warnadoes grew to a size of about 30 feet.

"Whoa!" shout Jason, his arms flailing in a surprised gesture. His Tyrannosaurus helmet pivoted, looking between the other Valdterran's and the one that was now towering over them.

Suddenly, the warnadoes slowed their rotation and deposited the Valdterrans inside as they cyclones vanished. The humanoid figures were armored in black suits with a rough texture, almost resembling tree bark. They looked at the Pink and Red Rangers through burning, red eyes.

Jason stared back at them and relaxed his stance slightly. "We know where you came from" he called to the Valdterrans, "but we don't know what you want. Maybe we can settle this peacefully" he said.

One of the Valdterrans snickered as he spun around the weapon in his hand that resembled a crude mace or club. "If you know where we come from then you know that we are allied with your enemy. If you know that, then you know there can be no peace, not until this entire world is under the rule of her majesty."

"That will never happen" responded Jason emphatically. He tensed his muscles again and put his hand on his holstered blade blaster.

The smaller Valdterrans formed a tighter group and began to step forward, closing the distance between them. "It is foolish of you to resist, but we expected nothing less. If you will not forfeit, then you will be destroyed" the lead Valdterran said. He had no sooner finished speaking than the three began to charge.

Jason withdrew his bladeblaster and transformed it into blaster mode, shooting erratically at the charging Valdterrans. Two of them dodged out of the way, while the remaining was hit by the red blasts and rolled on the ground where he lay still.

The large Valdterran began to stomp on the ground, shaking it like an earthquake as it chased after Jason to stomp him into nothing.

"Kim! Can you hold off these guys?" he asked quickly, shooting a few more blasts towards the aggressive Valdterrans.

"I'll keep them busy with the Power Bow!" She said confidently.

"Alright let's do it then. I'll be right back" said the Red Ranger. Raising his hand to the sky he called for his Dinozord, which immediately emerged from the earth with a roar, placing itself close to the Red Ranger. "Alright" said Jason, leaping into the air and landing high up on top of the Tyrannosaurus' head. He jumped into the cockpit and took his seat at the controls. "Alright, now let's see how you handle a super speed Tyrannosaurus" said Jason, forming the red power crystal and jamming it down into its slot to power the zord.

"Your Jurassic Junker is no match for the Valdterrans!" the large creature scoffed. "Catch us if you can!" The large Valdterran took off running, taking ginormous leaps.

"Rangers!" Zordon warned. "If the Valdterran keeps his current speed and trajectory, he'll knock the earth off its axis."

"I read you, Zordon" responded the Red Ranger. "I'll do what I can, but we could really use some Megazord Power about now" he said hopefully.

Back on the ground, with the help of the speed amulet, Kimberly's pink projectiles were hitting their mark, holding the Valdterrans at bay. The weapon doubled as a staff for close quarter battles, but the amulet speed as well as a few gymnastic tumbles kept Kimberly one step ahead.

"You can do it, Jason!" She encouraged.

The Tyrannosaurus Dinozord screeched it's battle cry as it approached the large Valdterran. While it's energy blast charged inside of the Zord's mouth, Jason mashed to controls in the cockpit, causing the machine to spin quickly and use it's tail as a weapon. The speed amulet kicked in and the rotation of the Zord accelerated and caused Jason to lose control, knocking the Zord to the ground from it's own momentum.

<<Kimberly, any>>

"Oh, man!" cried Jason. "I wasn't ready for that speed burst. Piloting the Zords is gonna be more difficult than fighting hand to hand with these things" he mused. "Billy, Trini, Zack!" He called into his communicator. "What's your guy's status?" he asked, hopeful that there could be a regrouping.

<<Trini, Billy, any>>

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