Life in the Fast Lane Part 18


"Rangers!" Zordon warned. "If the Valdterran keeps his current speed and trajectory, he'll knock the earth off its axis."

"I read you, Zordon" responded the Red Ranger. "I'll do what I can, but we could really use some Megazord Power about now" he said hopefully.

Back on the ground, with the help of the speed amulet, Kimberly's pink projectiles were hitting their mark, holding the Valdterrans at bay. The weapon doubled as a staff for close quarter battles, but the amulet speed as well as a few gymnastic tumbles kept Kimberly one step ahead.

"You can do it, Jason!" She encouraged.

The Tyrannosaurus Dinozord screeched it's battle cry as it approached the large Valdterran. While it's energy blast charged inside of the Zord's mouth, Jason mashed to controls in the cockpit, causing the machine to spin quickly and use it's tail as a weapon. The speed amulet kicked in and the rotation of the Zord accelerated and caused Jason to lose control, knocking the Zord to the ground from it's own momentum.

"Jason!" Kimberly cried, her voice full of worry.

Things were settling down in town, the putties were under control, Billy had just managed to take out the last one with a front snap kick that landed with such force it brought him to one knee. He looked around only to find the Valdterrans had sped off. Billy went to give chase when Jason's voice sounded over his communicator.

"Oh, man!" cried Jason. "I wasn't ready for that speed burst. Piloting the Zords is gonna be more difficult than fighting hand to hand with these things" he mused. "Billy, Trini, Zack!" He called into his communicator. "What's your guy's status?" he asked, hopeful that there could be a regrouping.

"Heading to you now!" Trini called through the com. To Billy and Zack, she added "Rangers! Jason needs help!" With the help of the amulets, the cross-town trip which once would have taken 20 minutes, brought the Rangers together in no time flat.

"Boy are we glad to see you guys!" Kimberly admitted.


She, Billy and the others all held out their right hands.

"Power Rangers, Power up!" They said in unison. Turning to the side, and raising their fists in the air they added: "We need Dinoerzord power, now!" Lightning flashed in the sky, and each called for their zord individually.

"Pterodactyl Dinozord Power!" The Pink Ranger yelled, raising a fist in the air, the last to call on the zords. From the distance, the mechanical prehistoric bird could be heard screeching as it took flight, flying above the Mastodon, Triceratops, and Saber Tooth Tiger. As they arrived, each of the Rangers leaped into the air and took their place in the cockpits, giving the "Ready!" Signal when set.

"Pterodactyl, flyin' high!" Kimberly called, taking control of the soaring zord.


"Remember the amulets work on your zords as well." Billy warned. "Be prepared for speed boosts."

"Copy that." Trini answered from her post aboard the Sabertooth Tiger.

"Let's show this Warnado that it's not in Kansas anymore!" Kimberly added.

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