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Summary: I am one with the forest, the protector of all living beings

Iglis Tchaikov

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Group: Magicians (Magic Circle)



Magic / Blessing

Druid Magic - Circle of the Sun

Able to use magic that could control plants to her will, speak to plants and animals, and even shape shift. She has a magic familiar Kovsky, a White Barn Owl.

Job + Rank/Title

Jobless and sleeps in a forest as her room. She even takes baths in the lake XP

Physical Appearance

A tall and quiet girl who doesn't like to interact with other people, but is close friends with Rosario, even went to the same elementary and junior high school. Long blonde hair with some leaves in it, her clothing look like vines, and she carries a short sword on her belt as her weapon.

Personality and interests

Doesn't like talking to others so is always quiet and to the point.

Still working on the rest of the details XP

Character's Purpose

To help out in Nickel and Misty's assault against the Clerics, she could either be the Attack or Stealth Mission.

What would you like to see in this game?

Lots of fun, explosion, and badass magic!

Extra Notes (Optional)

Nothing to think about

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Image of Iglis Tchaikov
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