This page is for important game rules and additional information that's too long for the game description on the homepage.

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(Constantine X Harry Potter X Judge Dredd X Minority Report)

Welcome to Mages Vs Priests.

Who will win? Sorcery or Faith?

You decide where the Coin of Fate will land...


Housekeeping Guidelines
(1) Please do not kill other player characters without permission
(2) Please do not Mind Control other player characters without permission
(3) Please have fun and share respect with other players


There are two major groups in this game. The Magic Circle and the Rosenthal Catholic Church.

The Magic Circle are the company of Magicians who survived the 100 Years Witch Hunt to this year 30XX. Their primary objective is to preserve their traditions, their ways of the Arcane, and to use Magic to support the moving world. On a majority, they use Magic for good. Of course, there could be some rogue members or organization who would use Magic to destroy society in malice as revenge of their persecution.

The Rosenthal Catholic Chuch is a major world-wide organization of Clerics which carries out the order of the One Heaven. It abolishes all other Magic Heavens (Egyptian, Norse, Shinto, Eastern Panteons) and serves a form of Christianity. They are disgusted with Magic, seeing it as a sin of this ‘perfect world’ and they aim to destroy everything related to Magic, even if it means world wide massacre of Magicians – the 100 Years Witch Hunt. To this day, they serve the Holy Word of the One Heaven, converting one nation after another to their religion while erasing whatever Magicians are left in this world.

Long, long, ago in a time far away… There were once Magicians. They walked across the planes of Mortals and the Arcane, acting as the bridges of two great realities, and they served Mother Earth and her children for many eons. Faith, was their only enemy and the servants of the steadfast Church rose up to extinguish their glory, their pride, and their very lives. The 100 Years Witch Hunt had initiated… and still continues to this day. Now, it is the year 30XX.. their Civil War continues.

The state of technology is only something out of science fiction. Cybernetic implants that can act as bio-organic cellphones or tablet computers. Flying cars and busses that soar through the bottomless ‘streets’ of ravines full of glass and steel buildings. Particle energy erasing the existence of electricity many years before…. Everything else – go wild.

The stage of this story takes place on Van Isle, an artificial city that was built as part of an expansion of Vancouver B.C. It resides right behind the border of the Neo United States of America. The buildings are tall, so tall the 'roads' are in the air. Think the traffic in Star Wars Coruscant. There are also commercial districts and platforms, the style similar to Bioshock Infinite in which teens with hoverboards could fly over easily. Sounds convenient, no?

(A) Magicians and Clerics are sworn enemies. A Romeo and Juliet sub-romance has occurred, but their endings always ended in a tragedy. The moment a Magician meets a Cleric – there will be bloodshed.

(B) Magicians can fight with other Magicians. The same applies for Clerics fighting amongst themselves. Though they are two major players in this mystical Civil War, there are hundreds of Magic Cabals and Holy Churches that strive for control. A little bicker here and there is obvious.

(C) Magicians can use whatever magic they want. All they need is a medium, or a Magic Tool. It could be a wand, a coin, or even things from the city like cue cards, pencils, and even cellphones – but it requires some arcanic touch. Clerics do not use magic, but the power of their ‘Faith’ which is drawn from Blessed Weapons in the form of ancient Medieval Weaponry. Guns and Rifles are allowed, but mostly Medieval equipment.



You are free to create any form of magic you desire. The only restrictions are Mind Controlling Large amount of people in one go (require a diabolic ritual spell for that), Reviving the Dead (Necromany is fine to animals and plants, but controlling the human body is forbidden in the reality).

Magic powers are limited by range, and can be active within a 10 meter radius style. Sniper Spells are available, and certain Support Spells to boost their attack range.